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Jan 12 at 12:59:22 PM Starting at approximately 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time, will be conducting some emergency server maintenance. Although we would not normally schedule downtime with such short notice, this maintenance is to fix a critical server issue that cannot wait. We only expect about 30 minutes of downtime, but that time may vary. To view updates on this situation while our site is inaccessible, please visit one of the following links: (A facebook account is NOT required to view this page) (As this page is on our own servers, it may not be accessible during the downtime, but if it is, we will post updates here, too.) We do apologize for any inconvenience that this causes, and we thank you all for your understanding in this matter.
Updates: 01/22/2015 08:54:26
As an update on this situation, although the maintenance is already
underway, the 30 minutes of downtime might not actually begin until
about 2pm Pacific Time. We will keep you posted as we find out more
--- By katrel on Mon Jan 12 13:25:53 2015

There has been a delay with communicating with the datacenter, so we
are waiting for them before we can proceed with the part of the
maintenance that requires the downtime. Because of this, we're still
up for the time being, and will post with an update once we know when
the downtime will begin. Thank for your patience! :)
--- By katrel on Mon Jan 12 15:39:21 2015

Now that the delays have pushed us into peak tournament time, we will
be postponing the maintenance until tomorrow, so as to minimize the
disruption to tournaments. As soon as we have an updated time, we'll
be sure to post that here. Thank you for your understanding and
patience while we work on this!
--- By katrel on Mon Jan 12 16:23:41 2015

Good morning, everyone! We've just heard that the downtime should
begin at 11:30am Pacific Time, which is 1 hour from now. It's expected
to last for 30 minutes, but it might be a bit shorter or longer,
depending on how long it takes the process to run. 
--- By katrel on Tue Jan 13 10:32:05 2015

And it looks like we're back now! If your page is still displaying the
maintenance message, or if it does not load properly, you can speed up
its return by either clearing your cache and restarting your browser,
or just doing a hard refresh on the League page (Ctrl-F5 in most
browsers). If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to
use your support links and we'll be happy to assist you! :)
--- By katrel on Tue Jan 13 12:22:22 2015

We are aware of the post-maintenance glitches, and the programmers are
looking into them right now. Hopefully we'll ave everything back up
and running soon. Thank you for your patience! :)
--- By katrel on Tue Jan 13 13:44:41 2015

Logins are working again, and now the programmers are trying to fix
the glitch with the CSS for League pages intermittently failling to
load. Thanks for your patience! 
--- By katrel on Tue Jan 13 15:46:42 2015

Thank you all for your patience as our programmers have worked to fix
the problems from yesterday's maintenance. We wanted to post a quick
update to let everyone know exactly what the problem is, as well as
some suggestions that may help resolve it for you.

Yesterday's scheduled maintenance was completed successfully, but when
we tried to bring the servers back online, we discovered that the
"We're down for maintenance" message had gotten cached on our resource
servers, which was causing problems for users. We've fixed that
problem from our end, but because of how the resource servers work, it
takes time for those changes to make it out to everyone.

In the meantime, when you find a page that isn't working correctly,
you can try "hard-refreshing" it. In most browsers, you can
hard-refresh simply by pressing Ctrl-F5.  This makes your browser try
to reload all of the underlying files that were loading incorrectly
for the page. If the changes have made it out to you already, doing
this will fix the problem. If the changes have not yet made it out to
you, then it will have no effect, and we'd advise you to try
hard-refreshing again in a few hours to see if the changes have made
it to you yet.

The good news is that tournaments can still be run even while the main
League pages are having this issue, simply by going directly to the
tournament pages. This should help minimize the effects of the League
page issues for most Leagues.

Thank you all for your patience in this matter, and if you have any
further questions, please don't hesitate to use your support links,
and we'll be happy to help. :)
--- By katrel on Wed Jan 14 10:13:18 2015

Thank you all for your patience with the issues that have been
occurring since Tuesday's scheduled maintenance. As we have previously
mentioned, the issues are caused by outdated files on the third party
resource servers that our site utilizes. Our programmers updated the
files on Tuesday, and last week, we were waiting for those updated
files to be propagated throughout those third-party servers. However,
those files have not properly spread throughout all of the resource
servers for some reason, causing the intermittent glitches that users
are experiencing.

Our programmers are currently working with the staff at the resource
server company, to try and figure out why the correct files are not
showing up on those servers, as we are now past the time in which the
automatic updates should have finished. In the meantime, please
remember that tournament pages are unaffected by this, so you are
still able to register for tournaments by going directly to the
tournament page and registering from there.

We do apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused anyone, and
hopefully we'll be able to get this resolved soon for you. Thank you
all for your patience and understanding!
--- By katrel on Mon Jan 19 09:56:29 2015

Thank you all for the patience that you've displayed over the past
week, as certain files that make our site run were failing to load
properly. Our programmers have gone through our files on all of the
different resource servers, and we believe that we have cleared out
all of the corrupted files that were causing problems with how the
site loads. If you notice any further problems, we recommend that you
hard-refresh the page by pressing Ctrl-F5. If that does not resolve
the problem, please try clearing your browser's cache and restarting
it, as that should clear up any remaining problems. 

If you have any other questions for us, or if you're still
experiencing any problems after trying those steps, please don't
hesitate to use your support links, and we'll be happy to assist you.
Thank you! :)
--- By katrel on Thu Jan 22 08:54:26 2015
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