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Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz.
I wonder where the birdies is?
Spring has sprung, the buds do break;
Spring has sprung and nature wakes.
Spring has sprung, the winter’s gone,
And now we sing our happy song:
Fa la la, la la la lay
Sweep those old dead leaves away!

League Trivia Challenge

The link to trivia is on the main league page (right hand side). Join with your league ID, and play daily.  Each month, top 5 winners will receive 100 rating points.  Good luck and have fun.

Upcoming Specials/Qualifiers

Apr 1 Sunday 8 PM Hop to The Top
Apr 3 Tuesday 8 PM Tournament of Champions
Apr 5 Thursday 8 PM Battle of Leagues Qualifier
Apr 8 Sunday All Day Regathon
Apr 9 Monday 8 PM Suicide Qualifer
Apr 12 Thursday 8 PM Frizz Qualifer
Apr 13 Friday 8 PM Reflection  Qualifer
Apr 16 Monday 8 PM Member Appreciation
Apr 18 Wednesday 8 PM BOSS Qualifier
Apr 21 Saturday 8 PM Name That Tune
Apr 23 Monday 8 PM King and Queen Tour
Apr 25 Tuesday 8 PM 3 on 3
Apr 27 Friday 8 PM Battle of Sexes Tour
Apr 29 Sunday 8 PM Swiss Trivia Tour

Interleague Dates & Links

Apr 7 1st Saturday 8 PM BOL Interleague Link
Apr 11 2nd Wednesday 8 PM Suicide Interleague Link
Apr 14 2nd Saturday 8 PM Frizz Interleague Link
Apr 15 3rd Sunday 8 PM Reflection Interleague Link
Apr 20 3rd Friday 8 PM BOSS Interleague Link


Hop to The Top sweet_N_sour / SamsonRules & standingwolf13 
Tournament of Champions Spirit_Red92 / onegoodman2020
Battle of Leagues Qualifier russell_456 / indiana
Gia_ / hi_hi
Regathon Tours Played - SuperDad1402 -18
Wins - buick_gnx - 4
Suicide Qualifier Buick_GNX / Kryptonite
Candy83 / cwgass
Frizz Qualifier TearsOfPearlS / _GANGSTAZ_INC
BlueMoon / SweetCindy
Reflection Qaulifier _GANGSTAZ_INC_ / lucky_kayla
cwgass / Devilici0us1
Member Appreciation Janna_Leigh_22 / cwgass
BOSS Qualifier cwgass / andersoncharles
candy83 / lucky_kayla
Name That Tune MysticRiver1 / truu_love
King and Queen Tour russell_456 / halfpint77
Battle of the Sexes Ladies - aceOFgrace / mjsimpson41004
Men - hi_hi / andersoncharles
Overall - aceOFgrace / mjsimpson41004
Results since inception Men 8 - Ladies 5

Birthday Wishes

Best wishes to the following who have birthdays in April.


(If you would like to add your birthday to our list, click the cake below, or head over to the league page, community tab, and click on the birthday cake there.)

Click Here

Special Gifts

The following members have recently been gifted a gold membership:

russell_456 gave a one-month gold to Daisy_Duck
rubielicious gave a one-month gold to mace_gd3
CoCo_ gave a one-month gold to rambalina
txcarla03 gave a one-month gold to __Goldie__
MsTheresa gave a one-month gold to SuperDad1402
boo_boo_bear1 gave a one-month gold to j1moler

Golden Shield of Assistance Award:

This month, Scott (Blazing_Tiger00) was chosen to receive the Golden Shield of Assistance award. We appreciate all his hard work, time, and effort helping the league run smoothly.

The Golden Shield Award is for players who are always willing to help out a Tournament Director and keep chaotic situations in order. These players have gone the extra mile in demonstrating outstanding patience and always lend a hand to ensure a smooth-running tournament even in the most hectic circumstances. In order to receive this award, you must be a Cases/MyLeague premium member (platinum or diamond).

New to Spades???

If you are new to spades, the following link may be of help to you.  Also, feel free to ask for help in the lobby.  We want this to be a fun league for our newest to our most experienced members.

Our Amazing Staff

Thanks to our wonderful staff for their time and hard work.  Our team keeps the calendar filled day and night with fun games.  In addition to hosting their own tours, they also support and back each other up.  Please take a few moments to thank them in the lobby.  They give up their free time and work hard to keep our league going strong. 

If you have considered hosting, give it a try.  It is fun and rewarding.  If interested, please complete the application below, or feel free to speak with any member of the admin team to answer any questions you have.

Apply Here

If you have any questions or comments regarding this newsletter, feel free to email me at
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