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Wednesday April 1, 2015
1571376 magikial_clara [4197] S.E. 1 vs 1 kepolatex
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Leagues were designed to allow players to play regular games with people they come to know.  A place where they are not cursed out for making a bad play.  A place where they do not get booted from table because they have a rating too low or too high.  Leagues come with all skill levels.  Those who are skilled players could help those who are newer at the game, but no one should ever be cursed or made fun of  for their skill level. 

Good sportsmanship is a must in any league.  These are just games, remember and our main goal is to have fun while we play.  There is no room for poor sportsmanship or bad behavior toward another player because they don't play at the same skill level as what you might expect.

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