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      by Forevers_Char on October 30, 2022 at 19:02:08 PDT

    Our Masquerade had a BlOoDy_BloB in one corner with CASPER in another with Mother_Theresa throwing blessings at ElviraElvira while our DOJ_to_FS was in shock overlooking the frightful sight.

    Winners of Tourney went to kiwigal and auto_team.

    The Best Actor award went to Mother_Theresa
    The Best ID award went to ElviraElvira

    The Best Halloween Themed Cases Generated Team award 1st place tie goes to Yogi/Mother_Theresa and ElviraElvira/twisted_lady_69 2nd place tie goes to BlOoDy_BloB/aceofgrace and CASPER/oswald

    Who is Who
    BlOoDy_BloB aka Boopy_18
    ElviraElvira aka Kiki1953
    Mother_Theresa aka lin_ben1959
    DOJ_to_FS aka aceofgrace

    Thanks to everyone who helped with Trivia and Name that Halloween Song and all of our Halloween friends who attendedthe party and to all our members who made this years Masquerade fun and successful. Congrats to our winners.

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