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      by rainbow_star_dreamer on July 14, 2012 at 21:55:29 PDT

    We had 121 members play and make it to finals in our July 4th Fireworks Event.
    Congrats to monique.tubera winning 8 of the FIREWORKS letters earning 200 rating points and 400 buxs.
    Congrats to gatercountry, Janna_leigh_22, agent_lyndz, and lin_ben1959 winning 7 letters earning 100 rating points and 400 buxs placing 2nd.
    Congrats to conundrum_420, bonniesue0721, lemon_drop_gum_pop, luv2baplayer, and sharper_than_a_no.2_pencil wining 6 letters earning 250 buxs.
    Thanks everyone for playing our July 2012 Event.

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