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      by beauty_aka_ann on January 17, 2014 at 07:38:35 PST

    Top 10 Even hour game prizes:
    Mouse_Feathers _2 ----Most Matches (Games) Won on even hour-----$20 Wal Mart GC
    Irislady7701 ----2nd Place Matches (Games) Won on Even hour..... $10 Dunkin Donut GC
    Gothandwhat ----3rd place Gold Membership and 5,000 bux
    Diva_nicka ---- 4th place 8,000 bux
    Iwant2ridemyharley --- 4th place 8,000 bux
    Muffginter ---- 4th place 8,000 bux
    ChocoharleyGrammy --- 5th place 5,000 bux
    l3ec.l3ec ----- 5th place 5,000 bux
    Lin_ben1959 ---- 5th place 5,000 bux
    Tree6911 ---- 5th place 5,000 bux

    Top 10 Odd hour game prizes:
    Mouse_Feathers_2 ----Most Matches (Games) Won on Odd hour-------$20 Wal Mart GC
    l3utterfliqueen -----2nd Place Matches Won on Odd hour..... $10 Dunkin Donut GC
    Zooper42 ----- 3rd place Gold Membership and 5,000 bux
    Bingomom392003 ---- 4th place 8,000 bux
    Lin_ben1959 ----- 4th place 8,000 bux
    Judyforevers1 ----- 5th place 5, 000 bux
    Cyberbully_t1000 --- 6th place 3,000 bux
    Jwontrent ---- 6th place 3,000 bux
    Kick_ass_forever ---- 6th place 3,000 bux
    Spadecrazyme ---- 6th place 3,000 bux

    Most Tourneys Won on even hour --- Winning 2 tourneys each
    irislady7701 ----- $10 Wal Mart GC
    iwant2ridemyharley---- $10 Wal Mart GC
    tree6911 ---- 2 $5 Wal Mart GC

    Most Odd Tour Winners with 2 Each
    baseballmom19902009---$10 Wal Mart GC
    bingomom392003------ $10 Wal Mart GC
    l3utterfliqueen----$10 Wal Mart GC
    mouse_feathers_2---2 $5 WalMart GC

    Most 2nd place Tourney finishes odd hours with 3 times:
    Lin_ben1959 ----- 2,500 bux
    Crabby_maggy -- 2,500 bux
    Most 2nd place Tourney finishes in Even hours with 2 times: ----- 2,500 bux

    Total bux payout : 94, 500

    I will be contacting those that donated bux to pay them out and giftcards will be mailed out. Thanks everyone for participating in Tournamania and all the tds that helped make it possible!!! It was Awesome Fun!!!

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