Read the RULES as listed on the tourney page

ARRIVE early and register at least 15 minutes before the start time.
Acknowledge people by the name they have chosen
Remember, good sportsmanship and good manners are REQUIRED here at Ginners-R-Us.

Need help registering? Arrive early and ask the TD (Tournament Director for help)
Let other players know that you are new and you will be surprised on how much they help you.
This is a fun league Not one to stress you out.
Certain rules and norms must and will be maintained.
Joking is allowed, but nothing of a negative nature will be permitted.

No comments of a derogatory or sexual nature will be tolerated. This is a family league.

Keep in mind the TD’s all VOLUNTEER their time. Treat them with respect and keep this in mind.
Respect is the key to making this work for all of us.
You must realize that we have players of different skill levels in our league.
Most people do not like to be lectured.
Penalties will be accessed as needed to guilty parties for infractions (warnings, suspensions, banishment)
Examples of improper conduct are: cheating, cursing, arguing, lecturing, abandoning tourney, spreading of gossip,
and advertising of other gin leagues, rudeness, and any other conduct not becoming a Lady or Gentleman.

***CASES LADDER, POGO, AND THIS LEAGUE do not allow any CHEAT programs!!
Any use of a cheat program is grounds for immediate suspension from the league.

During the tourneys, the TD has the final say.
Any unresolved issues may be taken up afterwards with the administration.
Questions or concerns may be addressed to any admin.

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ID No. TD Name [Completed Tourneys] Type
Wednesday January 28, 2015
3163996 wvufan44player [29] D.E. 1 vs 1 SWEETLADY4U242
3164658 PinkZebra313 [24] S.E. 1 vs 1 PinkZebra313
3166560 PinkZebra313 [23] S.E. 1 vs 1 zluckyblue
3166121 wvufan44player [28] S.E. 1 vs 1 Katydid0071
3166324 jesusfan325 [2931] S.S. 1 vs 1 PinkZebra313
3166398 wvufan44player [27] S.E. 1 vs 1 jesusfan325
3164805 jesusfan325 [2930] S.E. 1 vs 1 marman5590
3161649 jesusfan325 [2929] S.E. 1 vs 1 marman5590
3166297 WAYOUT1967 [2765] S.E. 1 vs 1 marman5590
3166327 WAYOUT1967 [2764] S.S. 1 vs 1 DParmeter6
Tuesday January 27, 2015
3164650 PinkZebra313 [22] D.E. 1 vs 1 slckrck20048
3164595 PinkZebra313 [21] S.E. 1 vs 1 Katydid0071
3165732 wvufan44player [26] S.E. 1 vs 1 dfmclore6
3165729 wvufan44player [25] S.E. 1 vs 1 Katydid0071
3164804 jesusfan325 [2928] S.E. 1 vs 1 SUZIE1364
3164803 jesusfan325 [2927] S.E. 1 vs 1 casey5040
3165275 SUZIE1364 [289] S.E. 1 vs 1 altat614
3164802 jesusfan325 [2926] S.E. 1 vs 1 marman5590
3165613 WAYOUT1967 [2763] S.E. 1 vs 1 altat614
3165612 WAYOUT1967 [2762] S.E. 1 vs 1 altat614
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Now playing at Pogo
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WAYOUT1967 (Head Admin)  

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