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      by naughtysam_69 on May 22, 2017 at 19:40:25 PDT

    I am having trouble with people I have no ideal who they r they r immin me saying things that is hurting my feelings Yes I can take teasing an such but when it comes to saying things that really hurt I think its best that I come into the lobby on offline for a bit I am hoping that it helps for them to stop doing what they r doing. There is no one in the league that is doing this They r names I have never seen before. U all r like family to me I know some of u think I should change my name but I have had this name for many years an why they r starting this now I have no ideal why. I love playin with each an every one of u an I Love this league. So like I said I think it is best that I do that to keep it low for u all and myself. there is a few of u that has told me what to do an I did write it all down so I have it . Good Luck at the tables an I'll see u all there Hugsss to all ...
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