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We offer Diamond Members LIVE one on one support from our staff. You can resolve an account-related problem in seconds instead of waiting hours or days for E-mail.

If a live operator is available and you are logged in as an active Diamond member, a link will be shown below. Our guaranteed hours of operation are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. However, there may be an operator available at other times of the day as well.

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League Admins
Toothache066 (Head Admin)  
Margueritesoswt1 (HA)  
Bcsndr123 (CO-HA) ~ (Retired)  
Gamelover053 (CO-HA) ~ (Trainer For Other Games & Stats)  
Mo704S (CO-HA) ~ (Entertainer)  
Plrmmbr434 (CO-HA) ~ (Welcome Committee)  
Soohoo39 (CO-HA) ~ (Trainer For Canasta & Spades )  
ThePhoenix27 (FOUNDING CO-HA) ~ (RETIRED)  
Whatsit2u75 (CO-HA) ~ (Admin Of DCR, DCR Trainer)  
Billkim22 (SENIOR ADMIN)  
Firegirl1968 (SENIOR ADMIN) ~ Rest In Peace My Friend)  
Gail71153 (SENIOR ADMIN) ~ (Retired)  
Ingham21player (SENIOR ADMIN) ~ (Open Checkins & In Charge Of Schedule On Mon Wed Sat To Make Sure Tours Are Set & Night TIme Trainer)  
Jetta42111 (SENIOR ADMIN) ~ (In Charge Of Schedule On Tue Thur Fri Sunday To Make Sure Tours Are Set)  
Jnobles309 (SENIOR ADMIN) ~ (Tourney Checker)  
Chazzychas (ADMIN)  
Mrpepsi55555 (ADMIN) ~ (Activation)  
Crazycajun81 (JNR ADMIN) ~ (Complaint Department & BTS Posting)  
H2OTessie (JNR ADMIN ) ~ (Birthday Tour Announcer In Chat Box)  
Justin6128 (JNR ADMIN) ~ (Help With Checkin After Midnight)  
Lovebaby8_1999 (JNR ADMIN) ~ (Activation)  
SoooLuving4Sure (JNR ADMIN) ~ (Activation & Daily Buzz)  
League Tips
Platinum and Diamond members have access to the Hideout Message Forum, which gives you exclusive access to our staff. You'll get quick answers from our customer support department.