MyLeague Plus

MyLeague Plus is an optional upgrade for your League, giving you access to a bigger and better version of MyLeague with loads of great features. Check out the features included in the MyLeague Plus package!

  • Dedicated servers
    Private servers used to host only MyLeague Plus Leagues ensure that your League runs quickly and reliably. We limit the Leagues per server to ensure quality of service, so space is first come first serve.

  • Priority support
    All MyLeague Plus Leagues have their Admin issues handled with a higher priority than regular MyLeagues, making sure that you get the fastest support available.

  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
    If your League is down for more than an hour, you will receive credit for the downtime. The guarantee covers all the critical aspects of your League, including Admin login, TD login, match reporting, web page loading, etc. Your MyLeague Plus membership will be extended to cover the downtime at no cost to you.

  • Included Web Hosting
    We provide your League with five megabytes (5MB) of hosting space for images, songs, and web pages. Now you don't have to use a third-party hosting site or your premium homepage account to store your League content!

  • MyLeague Plus symbol
    Your League name will have a special MyLeague Plus symbol after it, so that everyone out there knows that you are running a Plus League.

  • MyLeague Plus forum
    Your Admin team will have access to a forum restricted to only MyLeague Plus Admins. Our office personnel closely monitor this forum.

  • Priority Listing
    MyLeague Plus Leagues are listed first and highlighted on the Browse Leagues pages. This brings more attention to your League and a chance to attract more members.

  • Voting Booth
    An integrated voting booth is provided for your League. With an integrated voting booth, that requires players to Login to the League in order to vote, you are assured of a fair vote allowing each member just one vote per topic. The voting booth tools also provide an easy archive for your users.

  • Server Load Indicator
    An indicator that automatically updates to let you know the status of your League's Plus server.

  • Mailroom
    Have a big League with lots of Admins? Our Mailroom will allow your Admin team to make sure all of your members’ support requests get answered! Instead of sending support requests via E-mail, it comes into a Web-based interface so that all Admins can access it, leave internal comments on a mail, and keep the mail there until you, or a designated Admin, can answer it! We also provide the ability for you to move a support mail directly from your League’s mailroom to our Premium Support mailroom should a member contact you in regards to a Premium Membership issue.

  • Live Support
    A MyLeague Plus Live Support system is available during our normal business hours, allowing you to Contact a member of the MyLeague Admin Support team about any problems on your League in real time.

  • Statistical Graphs
    Colorful graphs show you exactly how many people are visiting your page every day, how many matches have been played on your League, and what the busiest times are for your League to help you schedule tournaments better!

  • Customizable Front Page
    MyLeague Plus Leagues can customize the entire Home tab for their League, giving them more control over the content.

  • E-mail
    All members of your Admin team automatically get a E-mail address for privacy and easier filtering.

  • User Records
    User Records give you and your staff the ability to keep track of penalties, edits, and other notations, for each member on your League. With the ability to make notes on your members’ accounts, you can provide better support on your League. All Admins on your Plus League will have this ability!

  • Better Log Searches
    MyLeague Plus Leagues have access to twice as many activity logs – the past 60 days!

  • Higher Tournament Entry Fees
    Tournament Directors on Plus Leagues can create tournaments with Entry Fees of up to 1000 LadderBux!

  • Enhanced Tournament Creation Tools
    Tournament Directors on Plus Leagues can save multiple versions of their tournament settings, allowing them to create different types of tournaments with just one click! The settings are saved on our servers, so Tournament Directors can access their tournament settings from any computer.

  • Personalized TD Application
    Want to add some of your own questions to the Tournament Director Application? With MyLeague Plus, you can add three personalized questions to the application to help select just the right people for your League’s Tournament staff!

  • New TD E-mail
    Add your own instructions, contact information or whatever you desire to the E-mail sent to a brand new Tournament Director.

  • Unlimited Newsletters
    Want to send a daily update to your members with all the latest news and information? As a MyLeague Plus League there are no restrictions on how often you can send a newsletter.

  • No deletion
    Your League will not be deleted for inactivity as long as you are an active subscriber.
MyLeague Plus is available for the introductory rate of $49.95 per month. It can be purchased with Credit Card, Online Check (US only), or Revenue Sharing Earnings. Only a limited number of leagues will be accepted to keep the service fast. Please read the Uptime Guarantee and Refund Policy.

This is cool, where do we sign up?

Administrators - Please see the "Information and Ordering" link contained at the top of your MyLeague Admin Menu.

Players - Please direct your inquiry to your League's Admin staff. You can contact them by clicking on their name found at the top of your League main page or by clicking the "Contact Admin" link found on the left-hand menu, under the heading Support.

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