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League Admins
Agnes488 (Head Admin)  
SweetLilMindy (HA Schedule & Secretary(vacation))  
Jordon44e (Head Admin/Stats)  
Rena5526 (SNR CO HA Calender Checker)  
SweetSatinShirl (CO HA Newsletter/Trainer)  
Abarmett06 (Snr admin open tours / idles /helper)  
Darlgrgs_ (Snr admin Trainer)  
Kimberlee0721 (Snr admin (ideas -tocs))  
Lucky-des (Snr Admin gem helper)  
Blueyes69691 (Admin League Greeter )  
Boldshamrock (Admin Complaints)  
Roush777 (jnr admin )  
Truebadboy4lyfe (Jr Admin open tours helper)  
sandysdesign (Designer)  
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