Pardless Campers (pardless)

Rules and Policies
The Ranking System!

MyLeague has one of the simplest ranking systems ever used for competitive play. The concept was adopted from the ranking system used on the official Case's Ladders. We call it a "Ladder" because each member holds a unique rank or "rung" that represents their standing among other members. The highest-ranked member holds the #1 Ladder position; for example, someone ranked #2 is ranked below the #1 member. The goal is to "climb" the Ladder all the way to the top!

  • When you first join, you are placed in an "Unranked" category on the League.
  • You become "Ranked" after winning your first League match. (Unranked members may play each other, and the winner becomes ranked at the bottom of the League.)
  • When you defeat a higher-ranked member, you move up in rank 50% the distance between their rank and your own.
    • Example: If you are ranked #50 and you beat the #1 ranked member, then your new rank would be 25.
  • Your rank on the League does not go down if you lose a match unless your opponent is ranked DIRECTLY below you.
    • Example: If you are ranked #5 and the #6 ranked member defeats you, then your new rank would be #6.
  • When members ranked below you are victorious against members ranked above you, it's possible the member will jump over you in rank and you will move down one rung. This depends on the ranks involved.
    • Example(per 50% rank gain): You are currently ranked #7. If the #10 ranked member defeats the #1 ranked member, then #10 will advance to the #5 rung and you will fall to the #8 rung.

Account Rules

  • League Names
    • If your League name is deemed offensive or contains profanity, your account may be removed.
    • If your League name is deemed abusive towards another member, your account may be removed.
    • You can edit your League name by using the 'My Account' tab and choosing the 'Edit Username' option. If you have problems changing your League name, please use the 'Contact Admin' link, located on the 'Support' tab.
  • E-mail Address
    • Your E-mail address must be kept current at all times, in case you need to be contacted. You can use the 'Edit E-mail Address' link on the 'My Account' tab to edit your E-mail address.
  • Password Security
    • You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password.
    • You are not permitted to share your password with anyone for any reason.
  • Inactivity
    • In order to keep the League as dynamic as possible, your account will be automatically deleted if you are inactive for 255 days. However, one of the features of our Premium Membership Program is never being deleted for inactivity. Information regarding our Premium Membership Program can be found here.
  • Multiple Accounts
    • Only one account is allowed per person. There are no exceptions to this rule.
    • It is forbidden for more than one person to use or share the same account.
    • Multiple accounts from the same location will be investigated and possibly removed.


Note: Please consult the Admin staff regarding whether or not League challenges are permitted for this League.

A challenge is defined as a request for a match with a higher-ranked member. Whether you are the challenger or the one being challenged, there are some rules that must be followed. Violating these rules may result in penalties. If you notice anyone violating these rules, please contact the Admin staff.

  • Chat
    • The best way to find League matches is to announce in chat that you are looking for a League match so that other members will know you are interested in League-play. You can also directly challenge a specific member in chat.
  • Formal Challenges
    • Most Leagues permit the use of Formal Challenges. A complete overview of the Formal Challenge system can be found here.
  • 50 time(s) Per Day
    • You may play the same member 50 time(s) per day. However, you may play as many different members as you would like on any given day. A "MyLeague" day begins at 12:00 a.m. Pacific Time.
  • Verify Information
    • We recommend you ensure a potential opponent is also a member of the League before starting your match. You can do this very easily by searching for your opponent using the 'Search for Players' tool.

Playing a Match

Once you are ready to start playing a League match, there are some guidelines governing game play that you should keep in mind.

  • Opponents
    • You are not allowed to report losses to another member that also plays from the same computer as you. Our security software will detect this activity if it is attempted, and participating accounts may be penalized or removed.
  • Sportsmanship
    • The same rules that apply to behavior in chat (covered in a later section) also apply during matches.

Reporting the Match

Once your match is completed, the loser of the match is responsible for reporting the loss immediately. You can report your matches using the 'Report Loss' button located on the 'Standings' tab. Please note the 'Report Loss' link should only be used for League matches and not for tournament matches; you should consult the TD with any questions regarding reporting tournament matches. If you have any problems reporting a loss, you should contact the Admin staff and request assistance.

  • Reporting the Loss
    • In one-on-one matches, the loser of the match reports the loss to the winner.
    • In partner matches, each member of the losing team reports a loss to both partners of the winning team. At the end of the match, you would either gain two wins or report two losses.
    • In "free for all" matches (matches in which multiple opponents are competing against each other without partners), each loser of the match must report a loss to one overall winner.
    • When playing matches with more than one opponent, it is important for losses to be reported in the proper order if rank will be affected by the order of report. You must report to the better-ranked opponent first in those cases. It is your responsibility to make sure you report in the correct order when necessary. Not doing so may result in penalty.
  • Unreported Matches
    • If your opponent does not report their loss within one hour after completing the match or prior to starting another match, you should click on the "Contact Admin" link and then use the "Unreported Match" form.


The rules for a Tournament are determined by the Tournament Director hosting the event. You will find a summary of each individual Tournament, including a Rules page, if you follow the link for that specific Tournament.

League-Specific Rules

  • Pardless Campers Rules Pardless Campers is a Singles Spades Ladder open to all members of Safe Harbor Games. We are a friendly, fun and respectful room.

    This Ladder is intended to allow single new players to our room a chance to meet us and have fun and a chance to camp for a team game if they want or to join our team league of CampFire Spaders. Pardless Campers will offer team members who have no partner an opportunity to continue playing games while they wait for teamies.

    Our rules, guidelines and penalties are based on CampFire Spaders rules, guidelines and penalties. Please take a few minutes to read those rules at

    Additional/relevant Pardless Campers rules, guidelines and penalties are found in CampFire Spaders League

    Attention to CampFire Spaders team players ONLY: breaking a rule in PC counts against you in CampFire Spaders and a ban from one is automatic ban from the other.


    Your Ladder name must match your Safe Harbor name and your team name if on a team.

    The nickname you register with must meet CampFire Spaders Administration standards. Names similar to those already existing on the Pardless Campers or CampFire Spaders Ladder are not allowed and you WILL be asked to change it.


    Members of the same household are allowed to play against each other in games.

    They may also play in the tourneys if 1 vs 1 it would once more be against each other and if 2 vs 2 it would be what ever the standings came up.


    Sportsmanship: showing fairness, respect for opponents and gracious behavior in winning and losing.

    When there is questionable behavior regarding table talk, rudeness , cheating , rule violations, misreports or unreported matches is experienced, a formal complaint (attaching chat ) with the “applicable title” in the subject line, must be sent to

    Please remember that in order to ensure you have the whole game chat saved, at the beginning of the match, click on Table, then click on Log Chat.


    1 vs1 game (any two pardless campers against bot each) PC@4 1 vs1 NDN PC does allow just one player to report in 1 vs 1 games.

    Reg/ndn, Reg/dn, Alt games

    Sit at a table and addy in lobby like this pc 1 vs 1@5 or whichever type of game you want.


    1. The game has NOT started until the first card has been played. Any time a player is booted before the first card of the hand has been played, it is mandatory to offer a reseat.

    2. A misreport is a player reporting to the wrong player this will be fixed with proof of entire table chat . Rule below.

    All misreports will be fixed if the correct procedure is followed:

    1. By email, ONLY, send the full game chat within twenty-four (24) hours of a misreport to with “misreport” in the subject line.

    2.Player name filing

    3.Player name who misreported

    4.All four (4) players involved in the game

    A. Player 1 nick and rank

    B. Player 2 nick and rank

    C. Player 3 nick and rank

    D. Player 4 nick and rank

    5.Player who received the loss/win in error

    6.Player who should have received the loss/win

    3. Since Pardless Campers provides a friendly relaxed atmosphere, we know that the emphasis should be on fun games not rank hounding and therefore no ranking errors will be fixed. There will be no penalty for ranking errors in reporting games.


    Losers report loss at

    Games MUST be reported before starting a new game.

    When the reporting page is temporarily out of service, all games may continue to be played. Please keep a written list of games played with the names of the players and their ranks so you can report them once the reporting page is up and running again.

    Please keep the top ranks active and fair. If you are a top ranked player, please give any ranked player a game, not only those ranked immediately above you or below you.

    The #1 ranking player will be moved to the bottom of the ladder on Sundays so that everyone has a chance to make it to the top!


    All complaints are handle at the next weekly meeting of Pardless Campers. Upon getting a letter from the admin team, you may be able to settle said problem yourself if you wish and will have 48 hours from said letter date. We will act upon it, if not withdrawn, according to our rules at the next meeting.

    You have two weeks (14 days) from when the game or incident occurred to file a complaint. See Procedure for filing a complaint.


    Lobby complaints may be sent to or

    Admin will handle it once determined which league needs to handle said complaint. Procedure For Filing Lobby Complaints.

    1.Date Lobby chat occurred.

    2.Copy of lobby chat

    3.Person (s) you are filing against

    4.The rule (s) broken.

    You have two weeks (14 days) from when the game or incident occurred. All rule violations or complaints should be mailed to with the problem name as subject.

    Procedure For Filing A Complaint

    1.Date game was played or incident occurred.

    2.All four players involved and rank in the game.

    3.Individual (s) you are filing against.

    4. The rule (s) broken.

    5. Complete game chat of complaints filed on games, unless boots have occurred and complete chat is not available.
    All rule violations or complaints should be mailed to with the problem name as subject. be handled by Administrators if NOT withdrawn by the filing MISREPORTS.


    There are exceptions to EVERY rule. Without exceptions, there would be a need for MORE rules. In other words, if it is not written here or in the penalty guidelines, it does NOT mean it is allowed. It does NOT mean you won't be penalized/boxed/rung/banned just because it isn't written.

    This is the end of your pardless campers rules if any questions just ask admin

    Top Ten

    The purpose of the League is to climb to the top and the competition for the rungs in the Top Ten is high. As such, we have special rules that apply for members in the Top Ten.

    • Inactivity
      • Members in the Top Ten must play a League match at least once every 14 days; otherwise, you will be automatically dropped five rungs and your inactivity counter is reset. There are no exceptions to this rule.

    Expected Behavior

    As a member of MyLeague, you are representing the League, the Admin staff, and all other members when you are participating on a MyLeague. It's part of your responsibility as a member to act in a respectable manner within your League community.

    • Avatars
      • The rules of common decency should be followed when uploading images to use as avatars. Inappropriate avatars may be removed without warning or notification.
    • Cheating
      • If you believe your opponent is cheating, then you should contact the Admin staff.
    • Abuse
      • It is forbidden to abuse or harass another League member.
      • It is important to remember that two wrongs do not make a right. If you are being harassed by another League member, contact the Admin staff for assistance. Do not take matters into your own hands or return the abuse, or you could be penalized as well.
    • Nice Guy Rule
      • Please note that behavior guidelines govern all methods of communication. This includes chat, E-mail, message forums, instant messenger services, etc. Treat other members with respect!

    Fill in the Blank

    Although we have tried to be as detailed as possible, we can't cover every aspect of gaming in our rules. Please be advised that just because something is not stated in our rules and policies, then that does not mean it is allowed. Use common sense. If it is something that will adversely affect other members and you might think twice about it, then it's probably against the rules. The Admin staff will have the final say in such matters. If you have a specific question please feel free to contact us via E-mail.
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