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Recent Winners
ID No. TD Name [Completed Tourneys] Type
Saturday July 4, 2015
1622867 Rose_Miner [3821] S.S. 1 vs 1 BACKRUB4ME
1622850 Rose_Miner [3820] S.S. 1 vs 1 honnybee43
Thursday July 2, 2015
1622865 Rose_Miner [3819] S.S. 1 vs 1 mskirky0209
1622847 Rose_Miner [3818] S.S. 1 vs 1 debbietre69
1623303 debbietre69 [2167] S.S. 1 vs 1 sarkijen001
Wednesday July 1, 2015
1622846 Rose_Miner [3817] S.S. 1 vs 1 chuckcyn06
1623301 debbietre69 [2166] S.S. 1 vs 1 Rose_Miner
1623300 debbietre69 [2165] S.S. 1 vs 1 Rose_Miner
1599106 honnybee43 [2354] S.S. 1 vs 1 honnybee43
Tournament Time EDT
Now playing at Pogo
League Admins
chuckcyn06 (Head Admin)
Rose_miner (Co-Head Admin)
Honnybee43 (Co-Head Admin)
Mskirky0209 (Co-Head Admin)
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