Say GL and GG before and after each match. Report wins/losses in the lobby by TD or tourney type. All games are played on protected rated tables, unless otherwise stated in the rules. 


SE ~If you lose you are out of that tourney.

Regular Swiss~ - All in the tourney will play all rounds win or lose until there is one person undefeated. - The number of rounds played will be determined by how many people are in the tournament and how many rounds it takes to have only one undefeated player. - If you have to leave or want to be removed before a swiss is over, you must notify the TD to take you out before they advance to the next round. - This way you will not lose your next round games.

DE~ You need to lose 2 times to be out of that tourney.


Please report in a timely manner, don't make staff hunt you down for results! 



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