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Recent Winners
ID No. TD Name [Completed Tourneys] Type
Monday January 24, 2022
2065114 isporre [205] S.E. 1 vs 1 Joy2943
2065341 colleen92307 [3713] S.E. 1 vs 1 colleen92307
Sunday January 23, 2022
2064679 jonesjennifer91 [4319] S.E. 1 vs 1 LILpink707
2065169 wolfcave2 [642] S.E. 1 vs 1 carol33404
2064932 emtff087980 [706] S.E. 1 vs 1 LILpink707
2064931 emtff087980 [705] S.E. 2 vs 2 RALPHEDWARD64
2064954 greeneyes97260 [4] S.E. 1 vs 1 littlenanalasch1
2064968 LILpink707 [1927] S.E. 2 vs 2 txcomcowboy
2064966 LILpink707 [1926] S.E. 1 vs 1 shazam
2064967 LILpink707 [1925] S.E. 1 vs 1 witchyred
2065062 LILpink707 [1924] S.E. 1 vs 1 littlenanalasch1
Saturday January 22, 2022
2061129 wolfcave2 [641] S.E. 2 vs 2 inrecovery01
2064930 LILpink707 [1923] S.E. 1 vs 1 LILpink707
2064928 colleen92307 [3712] S.E. 1 vs 1 christophercherd
2064808 jiggerjen_ [1626] S.E. 2 vs 2 witchyred
2064830 Joy2943 [2837] S.E. 1 vs 1 coolkattx33
2064807 jiggerjen_ [1625] S.E. 2 vs 2 colleen92307
2064816 colleen92307 [3711] S.E. 1 vs 1 littlenanalasch1
2064743 Joy2943 [2836] S.E. 1 vs 1 isporre
2064805 countrygrillboy [253] S.E. 1 vs 1 littlenanalasch1
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League Admins
JOY2943 (Head Admin)


1. Cases rules state all tourneys must
have rules on page.

2. Do not change your game to make others
 happy or to get more jumpers within 2 hours
of the tourney.

3. Timers are implemented for a reason. They
keep the game moving along, no game should
ever take over 40 minutes. When called to a table a player
only gets 5 minutes to get there. If frozen or booted
  a player gets 10 minutes to return. If a player
uses 6 of their minutes then they only have 4
left for the entire tourney. Cases has a boot
timer clock all should learn how to use it.
REMEMBER, you can only be in ONE tourney at a time.

4. If a member is still in a tourney and
has jumped the upcoming tourney, check
to see if they want to DQ or remain and be
removed from upcoming tourney.

5. Host makes the decisions on their tourneys,
 if they are having problems it’s their responsibility
 to handle or to ask for help. All other host are
to stay out of it. If there is an adm in the room the
 adm should ask the host on im if they would like help.
 If  Joy or Colleen is in the lobby it should be handled
 by one  of them.


An Adm should be very active in a league
and the members need to know that they
 are available for answering questions,
helping them with bux and to keep it as
 drama free as possible. We have come up
 with ways to insure that active members
are the Adms for the league.  
 Consideration will be taken by Adms
on the personality and their availability
to the league. Adm's do 4 tourneys a week,
the exception to this is, if an HTD or a TD
needs a spot, always offer one of yours. So
they can also move up the Ladder. This seems
 like a lot but it’s just one a day with 2 days off.
Hopefully, as others become host we can lower
the amount of tourneys required. This will be
monitored . 

We are not that strict, if you have a busy week
and cannot do 4 than the next week try to do extra.  
Tourneys can be run on odd hours namely
funk or pile games.  Any host that chooses to
do a funk tourneys it is  RATED . OUR MEMBERS
OURNEY RULES PAGE. Funk may  be set at 4:00 PM, either 8 or 10 PM, or 11:30 pm or later

It is not THE Adm’s responsibility to make sure
your tourney and rules match. This causes conflict
 in the league, the lobby and a lot of unnecessary
arguments. Tourneys may go way into the night.
For the late people they can even be 4 player.
This is new and we realize there will be situations
 that will arise that we will work out as a team. It’s
not just a title in front of your name it’s really
getting involved in keeping this the best Canasta
league. Adms, HTDs, and TD’s do not correct each
 other, argue in the lobby or try to interfere in
someone else’s tourney, unless asked. Always
show good sportsmanship. If you see something
 that you feel is wrong han it’s your responsibility
 to come to  Joy or Colleen  will address it .

Removal of your position: Example,if you go two
week and do not meet your quota, 
Joy or Colleen or    will email you to see if there is
a problem we are not aware of. Then you are on a
 probationary period for 30 days where we see if
maybe doing the requirement is a little to much for you.


Anyone with hosting experience can become
a Wizard HTD as long as they can host 3 a week;
 and can handle most situations that come up
We are not going to move a new TD up just
because they can do 3 a week. Because like
the ADM's they represent the Wizards as
host that can handle the lobby, arguments,
running tourneys for a TD that can’t make it.
 The HTD's are the back bone of any league.


If you just want to host without helping
to run the league than we have the TD position.
The only requirement is one a week and of course
more if you can.

Its very important to be there or at least
contact an ADM or HTD so your tourney
can be covered or moved. Members depend
 on us knowing what is going on and this is all
about the members. . Host should be in the
room 15 to 20 minutes before the start of their
 tourney. Spam should be sent out for every
tourney 30 min before and 15 min before.
If you’re having a problem Spamming talk to
 an Adm. This insures all members have enough
 buxs and if someone wants to join to play in your
 tourney your there to help them.

In closing, if you’re interested in another position,
contact JOY   or COLLEEN 

You know what you’re capabilities are.
But there will be no exceptions to being fair.

Adms. Htd's and Td's good sportsmanship
is a must from us all. Arguments between the
 staff and back stabbing will not be tolerated.
In closing remember it’s just a league that gives
us all a break from the stress of real life.
The thing that makes a great host is the
ability to overlook a lot without letting it
get you down its just a game or a dot and
if it makes someone feel so good to win than
 at the end of the day we have made a lot of
people in our league have a better day.

Something to note. We  have had problems
with fellow host iming  us when we are trying
 to start a tourney or when we are trying to set
 the tables or  have jumped in the tourney.
This freezes up the computer and we are sure
others have had the same problem. Unless its
 real important  don't im each other when
 one is trying to play, watch lobby and the other
 tables plus run there tourneys with no mistakes.

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