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The first thing to remember in jumping any 2v2 whether Random or PYOP is that you MUST go to the Tournament Page to Register.
Scroll to the Tournament Events for the day and click the link to the page, as shown in the graphic below.

When the Tournament Page opens click Register.

If you are going to be the CAPTAIN you need to create your new team by entering the Team Name and Password. It is simplest to use 1234.
Then enter your league name and password, tick the rules box and Register as shown in this graphic.

If you wish to join a team that has already been created by a Captain, click the radio button to "Join A Team".
Then find the Team you wish to join in the drop-down menu. In our example two Teams have been formed.
Click the Team Name you wish to join then enter the Team password.
Then enter your league name and password and click Register.
If you chose Psychos, then you and Psychobunny are now a team.
If you chose the other team, then you and promaniac are Dumbazzes.


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