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Recent Winners
ID No. TD Name [Completed Tourneys] Type
Friday April 28, 2017
10811836 MrsMagikRat [2] S.E. 1 vs 1 x_JEFF_x
10811850 MrsMagikRat [3] S.E. 1 vs 1 x_JEFF_x
10811832 MrsMagikRat [1] S.E. 1 vs 1 MrsMagikRat
Sunday April 16, 2017
10786832 x_JEFF_x [48] S.E. 1 vs 1 x_JEFF_x
10786831 x_JEFF_x [47] S.E. 1 vs 1 x_JEFF_x
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MrsMagikRat (Head Admin)  
Magikrat (Co-Head)  
x_JEFF_x (Specials Manager)  
EvilPrincess (Social Media Manager)  
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