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      by Helios on December 9, 2015 at 16:58:31 PST

    Congrats to the following players who have managed to accrue these really impressive games won vs lost, and win percentages. You really blow the rest of us away! Routinely. Over and over.

    won lost
    thewind 5783 3318 63.542%
    sLyRy 2249 1403 61.583%
    cdmkicks 4216 2650 61.404%
    guidepost 275 181 60.307%
    Redeemed 5879 4046 59.234%
    citizeng 18611 13082 58.723%
    ooper 3379 2385 58.623%
    bushcasher 297 212 58.350%
    Pat-Acer 4734 3456 57.802%

    For a "game of chance" each of you has managed to win far more often than chance alone would allow. So congrats! (A special nod to SIMKIM who used to play here and who used to put up even more impressive numbers.)

    If you happen to see any of these players at a table be sure to notice how often they win and how they manage it!

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