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We wish to keep this League to high standards of sportsmanship and fair play, so that we can all keep enjoying this past-time as best as we can. The League has no time for bad sports and trouble-makers; they are not welcome here. We have the following Rules to maintain the high standards we are advocating. As a member of SS, please carefully read and respect these Rules which are in place to make playing more enjoyable. There is a penalty code under Rule 7 which will be enforced if necessary against those who choose to disrespect others and break the League Rules.



1.1. The League will be known as the Straightshots Pool League (hereafter referred to as SS) and a player joining as a member is allowed one account only. If more than one account is detected, all accounts may be deleted which includes match histories.

1.2. An ID which is deemed unsuitable or inappropriate must be changed. This includes an ID with cuss or rude words, including the 'F' word or any deviation of it, or any defamatory reference to another league or member. When requested, a member who does not change an ID deemed unacceptable for any reason will be boxed until the request is complied with.

1.3. A member must have a valid e-mail address. If one is found to be invalid it may result in his or her ID being removed from the League. Updating an e-mail address can be done under 'My Account/Edit E-mail Address'.


1.4. A member must not play on another member's ID at any time. Both members may be penalised for cheating if it is established that the member owning the ID in question gave their password willingly.

1.5. SS Admin reserves the right to remove any signed-up member who does not adhere to the eligibility qualifications at any time.


2.1. It is customary for the member listed first in any pairing to 'Create Table' and to invite his or her opponent to a table. The opponent should take the bottom seat. The table set-up must have the following ON and applying: 'Regular Game', 'Allow Watchers', 'Allow Guests', 'Allow guests/watchers to access chat', 'SafeGame' and 'Rated Game'. Under 'Security', 'Maximum Allowable Disconnection Time' must be set at 10 minutes, and under 'Game/Move Time', the 'Game Time' must be set at 20 minutes. If both players invite at the same time, the second named player in any pairing should accept the invite.

2.2. Once the 'Game Time' has expired (20 minutes), the winner of the game will be the member awarded the win by Gamedesire.

2.3. All tournaments will allow Ball In Hand (BIH) unless specified as No Ball In Hand (NBIH). Any tournament without NBIH in the title will be BIH in all cases, except where the tourney does not permit BIH anyway. 'Anything Goes' (AG) will apply throughout unless specified otherwise.

2.4. It is a League requirement to type 'gl' (good luck) before a game starts and 'gg' (good game) after the game is over. However 'gg' must not be typed before the game has been completed under any circumstances. Should this happen the offending member risks having a complaint submitted in which a screenshot is required. Lack of game etiquette could lead to a warning or penalty being imposed for unsporting behaviour. It is in a member's best interest, no matter what the outcome of the game, to always show good sportsmanship.

2.5. During any game, a member is not permitted to leave the table before the 8-ball is potted, nor cancel, nor 'force forfeit' the game. This includes force forfeiting a game when a player has been booted and/or timed out. 

2.6. Substitutes may be used in a team tournament (2-a-side, 3-a-side or 4-a-side), as long as the substitute is nominated and present at the table before a timer has expired. If one substitute leaves the game, a second substitute is not permitted and a timer will apply until either the substitute or original partner returns. A substitute must not have played for another team in the same tournament.

2.7. If Gamedesire boots a member from a table while he or she is actually playing in a game and the opponent is automatically given a win as a forfeit, the game must be re-racked (one game). However, if a member that looks like he or she is going to be defeated and suddenly forfeits, it will count as an intentional force forfeit and a penalty will be applied.

2.8. Should a game be delayed due to any technical glitch where one or both member cannot open a table or start the game, and other options have been tried (including rebooting the players' computers, and re-signing-in to Gamedesire), then the hosting TD or SS Admin may award the game to the higher ranked member specifically to enable the tournament to advance.


2.9. The 'Hanging 8-Ball' Rule: Should the 8-ball hang in a player's nominated pocket, the opponent must single bank in that same pocket when on the 8-ball to win. However, the player whose pocket it is can tap in to win. Should the 8-ball hang in a neutral pocket, both players need to single bank to win.  


2.10. Deliberate slow play or wasting time will not be tolerated. If a member is deemed to be doing so then he or she will be warned by the hosting TD or SS Admin and if this warning is ignored then he or she will be disqualified in that particular game. A player may not deliberately delay the game for any reason whatsoever to force an opponent to run out of time. A player guilty of this will be disqualified in that particular game. Deliberate slow play or wasting time will be treated as unsporting behaviour.



3.1. If the 8-ball is potted directly on a break, or before solids or stripes have been allocated to the players (ie. an 'open table'), the game must be re-racked, unless a player chooses the 'continue' option. 

3.2. In all other instances where the 8-ball is potted early after solids or stripes have been allocated to the players (ie. a 'closed table'), a re-rack is prohibited. A player may not offer a re-rack, nor one be accepted, under these circumstances. Should a game be illegally re-racked, the winner of the initial game prior to the re-rack will be advanced if detected in time by staff.

3.3. Excluding the previous two rules, a member of staff may order a game to be re-racked should circumstances require it to be applied, such as due to a dispute between two players, or a technical glitch, or any other valid reason requiring a re-rack, or where a re-rack is the sensible option.

3.4. Primarily SS is a Ball In Hand League. Safety shots ('snookers') and 'tapping' are permitted at all times in Ball In Hand tournaments, but are prohibited in No Ball In Hand tournaments. 

3.5. Coaching is not permitted in any SS Cam competition game. This includes coaching partners in team tournaments. Screenshots must be submitted as evidence of coaching. 

The use of any screen-sharing device or application during a tournament or any SS Cam competition game 

is strictly prohibited. Any breach of this rule would make a player liable to be penalised under Rule 7.1 (P1).



4.1. 'SS leagues' may be played as long as both members agree to play them, up to a maximum of 15 against each opponent. Any loss must be reported within 12 hours of the game being played. If there is any problem with reporting, the member must contact an SS Admin for assistance. Should SS leagues not be reported within 12 hours without a valid explanation, the offending player will be boxed accordingly.

4.2. Racing – the practice of the overall loser reporting his or her losses only – is strictly forbidden. Any member caught racing will be boxed accordingly and have the correct number of games lost reported as SS leagues.

4.3. A member must NOT boot a spectator from a table without just cause. If proven to be an unwarranted booting, this will be viewed as unsporting behaviour. A player must NOT boot the hosting TD or SS Admin from a table under ANY circumstances.

4.4. A member feeling there is just cause to boot a spectator from a table (for disruptive behaviour for example) must (a) ask that person to stop typing (screenshot taken). If the spectator carries on typing, (b) he or she must be asked to leave the table (screenshot taken). If the spectator has ignored both (a) and (b), he or she may be booted. Screenshots must be taken by the member booting to substantiate his or her actions. Coaching is NOT a reason to boot any spectator.


5.1. Unless otherwise directed, no games in SS need to be recorded by Camtasia or a similar recording program, except in SS Cam competitions where recording is a requirement as per the competition rules, unless both members mutually agree not to record their game.

5.2. SS Admin reserve the right to selectively request a member to record all games and submit tapes as directed if it is deemed necessary. Another option is to view a member's monitor via Skype Share Screen or Team Viewer if it is deemed necessary. Failure to comply may result in a member being penalised under 'other gross unacceptable behaviour'.

5.3. Screenshots or recorded tapes may be made by a member and submitted as evidence if deemed necessary. A screenshot or tape must be labeled correctly as follows: Opponent's name, round and date, with screenshot number if more than one is submitted. Example: 'ps_ace_player_round1_21aug14_1'. All screenshots or tapes must be emailed to an SS Admin as soon as possible. No game must be held up to view any screenshot or tape unless directed by SS Admin.

5.4. Tournament timers are 5 minutes for regular rounds and 10 minutes for finals. Any timer imposed is cumulative, and does not restart at the full amount. A member requesting a timer is requested to contact the hosting TD in the lobby or via 'private message' to ask for one. If a member has been put on a timer and fails to return to complete the game he or she will lose that game.


6.1. A member is expected to behave sportingly and with courtesy at all times. A member is also expected to respect all other members and staff. Any form of abusive, foul or offensive language, gamesmanship, goading, harassment, homophobic remarks, intimidation, jinxing, provocation, racism, taunting or any form of unacceptable or unsporting behaviour, including making aimer accusations whether in the lobby or any other lobby or at a table is not permitted. Any breach of this Rule will make a member liable to be sanctioned in accordance with the Penalties outlined below.

6.2. Excessive general swearing or cussing or the unwarranted use of caps in the lobby is not permitted. 

6.3. Any form of cheating or suspected cheating is strictly not permitted. This includes the suspected use of any aiming program. SS Admin are empowered to remove any player from the League, or any competition run by the League, who is suspected, proven or not.

6.4. A member must not, at any time, bring the name or reputation of the League into disrepute by defamation, or by making adverse comments about the League in the lobby or at tables, or in another league's lobby or room, or by spamming material or details of another league in any lobby. Any breach of this Rule will make a member liable to be sanctioned in accordance with the Penalties outlined below.


6.5. Any member boxed during one of the SS Cam competitions cannot participate until his or her box period is complete. No competition will be delayed due to a boxed member. If the competition needs to advance, the boxed member may forfeit matches or be removed from the competition accordingly. 



Penalties for any breach of SS Rules have been sorted into six categories with Category A being the most serious through to Category F being more of a misdemeanour. This has been done so that a member will know in advance what the likely penalty will be for any given action and therefore is requested to govern him or herself accordingly. Each offence has a penalty (P) code which must be specified in any boxing.

7.1. Category A – Penalty: 60 days in the penalty box or possible banishment from SS.
P1. Proven cheating, suspected cheating or serious falsification of any kind.
P2. Defaming the League whilst a current member or a current boxed member.

P3. Playing on another member's ID or permitting another member to use one's own ID

P4. Other gross unacceptable behaviour.
P5. Deemed to be an undesirable member.
P6. Repeated breaking of lesser offence rules in Category B.

7.2. Category B – Penalty: 30 days in the penalty box.
P7. Gross insulting behaviour and/or racist comments to another member.
P8. Continued 'loud' abuse of other members (use of CAPS).
P9. Bringing the name and reputation of the League into disrepute in any lobby, at a game table, in any shout box or in any messenger service.

P10. Abuse and other disrespect of SS Staff (including booting from a table) in any lobby, at a game table, in any shout box or in any messenger service.

P11. Unacceptable behaviour not covered by these rules.

P12. Repeated breaking of lesser offence rules in Category C.

7.3. Category C – Penalty: 15 days in the penalty box.
P13. Ignoring an Admin’s rulings or call for cessation of any inappropriate behaviour.

P14. Continued arguing, harassment or intimidation of another member or SS Staff (if severe, P10 applies) in the lobby, at a game table, in any shout box or in Instant Messenger.

P15. Manipulation of League statistics – if deemed to be a serious case of cheating, P1 will apply.
P16. Lesser unacceptable behaviour not covered by these rules.
P17. Repeated breaking of lesser offence rules in Category D.

7.4. Category D – Penalty: 8 days in the penalty box.

P18. Force forfeiting another member or deliberately leaving the table before the opponent's 8-ball is sunk.

P19. Taunting or jinxing during any game.

P20. Misuse of the SS shout box or forum, including disrespectul behaviour.

P21. Inappropriate behaviour in another league's lobby or table, or another competition lobby or table.

P22. Spamming another league or competition in the SS lobby or at a game table.
P23. Repeated breaking of lesser offence rules in Category E.

7.5. Category E – Penalty: 4 days in the penalty box.
P24. Unwarranted booting of a non-Staff member.

P25. Failure to report SS leagues within 12 hours without a valid explanation.

P26. Racing in the League at any time. Additionally the correct number of games must be reported to the opponent.

P27. Coaching in tournament and SS Cam competition games. Disqualifications may also apply.

P28. Repeated breaking of lesser offence rules in Category F.

7.6. Category F – Penalty: 2 days in the penalty box.

P29. General unsporting behaviour, including lack of game etiquette, having a disagreeable attitude, lack of cooperation, other minor disrespect or excessive general swearing.

P30. Any other minor offence, such as failing to adhere to a TD's or other Staff member's request.


8.1. A member of Staff must read and fully understand these Rules and be aware of what is permitted and not permitted within the League. For the sake of consistency, a member of Staff must be fully aware of tournament rules at all times, and must never deviate from these rules without the permission of the Head Admin.

8.2. A member of Staff must conduct him or herself in an orderly, courteous, respectful and appropriate manner at all times. He or she is expected to never cuss or abuse, or lower himself or herself to a level which is unacceptable or improper.


8.3. A member of Staff when hosting must check the Tournament Calendar to avoid any overlaps with hosting Staff and as a matter of courtesy must liaise with a hosting member of Staff before spamming his or her own tournament. The member of Staff hosting must use CAPS for clarity and it is considered good etiquette to pass CAPS between one host to another. If two members of Staff are hosting at the same time, by agreement, both may use CAPS.


8.4. A member of Staff when hosting must not close a tournament until an existing tournament in progress has reached the Final, unless permission is given by the first host, or unless 'specials' including 'Fast Fours' are being run.

8.5. If an Admin needs to box a member, it must be done in accordance with the penalties listed in Rule 7. Penalties, by using the correct Penalty (P) code specified. For example, for a member's disrespect, "P29. General unsporting behaviour (disrespect)" must be entered into the comments box at the time of boxing. The Admin must add his or her name. Any box made incorrectly may be overturned at the discretion of the Head Admin.


9.1. In tournaments any disputes will be settled by the TD running the tournament and the decision of the TD is final, subject to League Rules. Failure to comply with the instruction of the TD in any dispute will result in the disqualification of the offending member. This rule excludes the SS Cam competitions where any disputes must be dealt with by the SS Cam competition organisers.


9.2. Any dispute or other issue that a member may have against another member, or Staff member, must be taken to a private table, private message or Instant Messenger and never aired in the lobby, forum or League shoutbox. Any complaints about any violations of these Rules must be proven with a screenshot and forwarded to an Admin or HTD. 


9.3. Complaints or suggestions should be either communicated through e-mail, via Trillian Instant Messenger or Skype to the Head Admin (see SS Pool League Management Team contact list on home page).


9.4. A member may appeal against any penalty incurred but must do so in a respectful and business-like fashion. An appeal may be submitted by e-mail or on Instant Messenger to the Head Admin, where a member will be required to give full details explaining the nature of the appeal, and support it with evidence, if possible, including screenshots or recorded tapes. A screenshot or tape of any game must be labeled correctly in accordance with Rule 4.3. The e-mail address for any appeal is

9.5. The appeal must be submitted within 3 days of the notification of the boxing, otherwise it will not be considered.

9.6. Once an appeal is received which complies fully, the Head Admin will consider it, possibly after consultation with other Admins, and will e-mail or 'yim' back a decision. A member is expected to accept any decision reached regarding a complaint or an appeal without further communication. Such a decision is final and binding.


10.1. These Rules may be subject to change at any time as deemed necessary and at the discretion of SS Admin.

10.2. By participating in the League, a member will be deemed to have given his or her assent to these Rules and agree to abide by the decisions of SS Admin and Staff.

10.3. All questions regarding interpretations of these Rules, or of any point not provided for by these Rules, will be referred to the Head Admin whose decision shall be final and binding on all concerned.

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Straightshots Pool League was formed on 24th January 2002. The person responsible for bringing SS into Yahoo Pool was an Englishman called Carl whose ID was Clubberx20. He was the League’s first Head Admin and held the position for 8 months before handing over to Darlene (XxKittyKatxX), from the USA, on 14 August 2002. 


She remained HA for 5 months until 18 January 2003 when New Zealander Clint (ClintEvenbly) took over. His spell at the helm lasted just a couple of months before Roy (JUDGE1474) from Australia came into the hot seat on 22 March 2003, followed by the American ‘Maj’ (majestic_099) replacing him on 17 June 2003. 

The rest of 2003 saw another four changes; on 1 August 2003, Dan (happy_guy_who_smokes) from the USA lasted a month in the role, handing over to Tony (sticcmove) also an American on 22 September 2003. Dan returned on 28 September 2003 for another short stint but one month later, the American handed the role back to Tony who, in his second spell as HA, went on to outlast all previous Head Admins by staying a commendable 17 months or so. 

On 1 March 2005, another American, namely Shirley (flatbrokeagain2825), grabbed the reigns and she remained in the position for 9 months, leaving after a controversy regarding SS finances. One of the League’s admins, Laura (LAURA1315), took over on 7 December 2005. She became the first HA from England since the League’s founder in 2002 and served in this role for just over 5 years.

The League has had a chequered existence, enduring times of inactivity and controversy, with numerous intended breakaway leagues. However, Straightshots has always remained strong and defied those who tried to ruin the League. When Laura took over as Head Admin, SS was in a poor state and was lucky to generally reach 30 tourneys a day. But hard work by her and her team of Admins and TDs increased the figure to around 70 a day, and at its peak the figure often topped the century, making SS one of the most active pool leagues at the time.

In the Yahoo Pool era, thave been many Admins, HTDs and TDs who have contributed to SS’s continued existance over the years, too numerous to mention here. With apologies to those missed out, notable dedicated members towards the SS cause include Andrea, Ash, Bee, Chad, Chris, CJ, Deven, Don, Eric, Greg, James, Jason, John (irish_wolf), Jon, Karen, Kimberley, Laura, Michele (Angel_of_Darkness), Nicki, Roy, Sassy, Shelle, Shirley, Steven, Steve (lvlr_licky), Tia, Tony, Tracey and many more, all of whom gave an enormous amount of time and commitment to ensure that SS remained a top active league.

Straightshots has been a part of interleague competition since January 2003, originally participating in IPC (Interleague Pool Competition) and WIP (World Interleague Pool) individual inters, in addition to PLC (Pool League Championship) as the League’s first team inters. In March 2003, SS won the PLC divisional trophy and Cases Cup – captained by Nicki (on Nicki_598) of Wales – in the first season. The League was founder member of the new MLP (Major League Pool) and won the Pacific Division in MLP’s inaugural season. SS dominated MLP in season 2, winning four trophies in April 2004, and also was successful in the inaugural UIC season in August 2005, taking the Regular Season title and Premier trophy, captained by Roy. 

SS continued to take part in several individual interleague competitions, including IPC, ILT (Interleague Tournament), NPA (National Pool Association), PIT (Professional Interleague Tournament), WIP as well as MLP. The first SS player to achieve notable success in inters was Richie (ss_goodriddance) of England who won a WIP competition in January 2003. Downwithyour-rating (name unknown) won the League’s first MVP (Most Valuable Player) award in MLP Season 2 in April 2004. 

Roy was instrumental in most of SS’s early interleague team successes, helped by Nicki as co-captain. The Judge was effectively the first SS 
interleague coordinator, a role which Steven (steven.rules) of the USA later took on in 2005. Steven endured a spell where interleague success dried up considerably and he was eventually assisted in a difficult role by Marie (milly_molly03) from Northern Ireland as his co-captain. 
It was Marie who ended a two-year stretch without success by leading SS to the UIC5 Emerald Consolation Cup in June 2007, turning a 0-7 season into 11-11. Soon afterwards, Nigel (e_n_d_i_k_a_y), an Englishman from London, was appointed UIC captain with Marie as deputy captain and the pair took SS to two trophies in UIC6. Finally Steven stood down and was replaced by the British pair who became joint coordinators in 2008. They changed the face of inter-leagues in SS by introducing an improved organisational structure and the trophies started to roll in, notably in UIC, UIC Swiss, WPC Expo and IPA. 

During 2008, the SS Cam Cup was started and was originally run by Jonathan (crazy_canuck) using a website designed by Laura. He ran it for 6 seasons with the help of Steven (steven.rules) before Nish (xlx_nish_xlx) took over for one season. Jonathan returned in 2010 to run a further eight seasons, finishing a year later.

In April 2010, Marie and Nigel stood down after 2 years of success which included an incredible 24 trophies, and Shelle and Nicki took over. With Shelle then doing the job on her own, Nigel (now on en_dk) returned to SS to become coordinator for a second spell in November 2010. He had a spell in International Cue Addiction (ICA) where he led them to the UIC Swiss title in Season 6.

On 7 January 2011, Shelle (shelle4461) from Florida, USA, took over as the League’s 12th Head Admin after the long-serving Laura decided to step down. Straightshots continued to be widely recognised as one of the biggest names in interleague pool, a meritable profile of which the League is extremely proud. Founder members of several prestigious competitions, such as PLC, MLP and UIC, the League’s team trophy count since first entering interleagues in 2003 made SS the all-time leading team with over 60 trophies.

In 2012 the League was affected by room locking and bots, in addition to a breakaway league called New Era, which reduced activity for a while and struggled as a result. Also during 2012, Nigel (en_dk), the League’s new Deputy HA, restarted the SS Cam Cup, renaming Divisions A and B as the Gold Conference and Silver Conference respectively. He introduced a Bronze Conference as the Consolation Plate.

SS had a period of running in conjunction with Sexy Poolerz (SP), taking on two new admins and about half a dozen members, but the venture was short-lived. The League continued to exist albeit at a lesser level of activity until Yahoo Games decided to phase out all parlour games, including pool, on 31st March 2014, forcing all leagues to look for new gaming sites. After an unsuccessful period in Pogo, SS decided to become a Multi-Gaming League and moved to GameDesire in July 2014, sharing a room with Pool Sharks (PS), although this did not last too long due to PS’s demise. 

SS carried on hosting tourneys in the GameDesire room called Morocco before moving to a new room labelled League 02. But it was the SS Cam Cup which at times kept SS ticking over during the quiet periods, with games being reported as SS leagues to help activity. Two further Cam competitions called SS Cam Timed and SS Cam BankQ8 were formed.

On 14th December 2015, Shelle, who ended just short of 5 years as HA, passed the League to Nigel, now the League’s 13th Head Admin. He was HA for five months before giving the League back to Shelle in May 2016. During 2017, SS won the UIC Swiss championship, which was the only interleague competition being run in GameDesire, for the 14th time out of 20 seasons. Room moves saw SS take League 11 before changing to League 07.

In July 2017, Roy Sheppard, one of the League's first Head Admins, sadly passed away aged 76. In January 2019, Shelle handed the League to long-serving Marie, the 14th person to hold the Head Admin position. On 8th September 2019, with the League enjoying a revival in activity, SS moved to League 01 to avoid overlapping with UIC Swiss in League 07. On one Friday the following month, a day full of 'fast fours' brought an incredible 100 tourneys being played. However, a turbulent week of comings and goings saw three changes of Head Admin – Marie was briefly replaced by Shelle who handed the League to Nigel two days later for safeguarding. He in turn returned the League to its rightful HA, Marie, the League's longest serving member.

Through the hard work of many dedicated individuals, the Straightshots Pool League continues to exist in League 01 (Pool 8 2009) in GameDesire; not as fervently as in the League’s hey days in Yahoo Pool of unrivaled activity but members can still enjoy playing under the well-established and popular SS banner.


 SS Interleague website: 

 SS Cam Cup website: 



Banner: Open the link below, choose a banner, right click and simply copy and paste the URL into the 'Top Image Link' panel on the 'Customize Tournament Layout' page. Easy peasy!


Tourney style: Classic


Font Type: Verdana


Background image: A pic of your choice, preferably red or dark red.


Colours: The SS colours are generally dark red (or crimson or burgundy) with white, yellow or gold type. A complimentary colour is grey or black.  

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Recent News
Saturday July 24, 2021
Happy Birthday tomingers!
Thursday July 22, 2021
Hustle joined the League!
Recent Winners
ID No. TD Name [Completed Tourneys] Type
Wednesday July 28, 2021
1412656 BEN329 [382] S.E. 1 vs 1 T•K•P
1412639 ღ.Kerry.ღ [582] S.E. 1 vs 1 CS
1412554 BEN329 [381] D.E. 1 vs 1 CS
Tuesday July 27, 2021
1412434 Marie__ [646] S.S. 1 vs 1 No Winner
Saturday July 24, 2021
1410825 Espressochick471970 [445] S.E. 1 vs 1 gunslingericu
1410822 Espressochick471970 [444] S.E. 1 vs 1 Marie__
1410823 Espressochick471970 [443] S.E. 1 vs 1 gunslingericu
1411468 lollipop2284900 [1205] S.E. 1 vs 1 Stace.
1411467 lollipop2284900 [1204] S.E. 1 vs 1 carver
1411466 lollipop2284900 [1203] S.E. 1 vs 1 carver
1411465 lollipop2284900 [1202] S.E. 1 vs 1 carver
Friday July 23, 2021
1411521 BEN329 [380] S.E. 1 vs 1 Three_Lions
Wednesday July 21, 2021
1411181 BEN329 [379] D.E. 1 vs 1 TrEnNn.
1411293 lollipop2284900 [1201] S.E. 1 vs 1 Three_Lions
1411292 lollipop2284900 [1200] S.E. 1 vs 1 lollipop2284900
1411291 lollipop2284900 [1199] S.E. 1 vs 1 Marie__
1411290 lollipop2284900 [1198] S.E. 1 vs 1 Three_Lions
Tuesday July 20, 2021
1411244 ღ.Kerry.ღ [581] S.E. 1 vs 1 ENDK.
1411195 ღ.Kerry.ღ [580] S.S. 1 vs 1 ENDK.
1411131 lollipop2284900 [1197] S.E. 1 vs 1 BEN329
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  Season 1:  Charlie (England) snookrun  

  2nd: Corey (USA) Hockey_Kid


  Season 2:  Rob (England) t.wolves  

  2nd: Kevin (Scotland) ggs_rookie


  Season 3:  Kevin (Scotland) ggs.rookie  

  2nd: Rob (England) t.wolves


  Season 4:  Kevin (Scotland) ggs.rookie   

  2nd: Mike (USA) xsicc.mikex


  Season 5:  Kevin (Scotland) xlx_gameover_ xlx  

  2nd: Sid (England) Speedball666


  Season 6:  Nick (USA) nick_ownzz  

  2nd: Jonathan (Canada) leafed_leafs


  Season 7:  Irfan (India) black_stallion009  

  2nd: Kazi (India) TOyBOyDie4u


  Season 8:  Kenny (USA) the pool professor  

  2nd: Nick (USA) stun.shot


  Season 9:  Chris (Canada) mr_camtasia  

  2nd: Ant (England) aka_sicc


  Season 10:  Ant (England) underdogg_  

  2nd: Kevin (Hong Kong) aka_hero


  Season 11:  Ant (England) underdogg_  

  2nd: David (USA) l3_lvl_x


  Season 12:  Jonathan (Canada) crazy_cananuck  

  2nd: Ant (England) underdogg_ 


  Season 13:  Chris (Canada) mr_camtasia  

  2nd: Matt (USA) _MatT15_ 


  Season 14:  Ben (USA) fhm_champion  

  2nd: Jonathan (Canada) leafed_leafs


  Season 15:  Dan (USA) dwaechte  

  2nd: Scott (USA) scott22883


  Season 16:  Ant (England) mvp_sicc  

  2nd: Rocky (India) l2_o_c_k_y


  Season 17:  Ant (England) _champ   

  2nd: Sergio (Brazil) o0_GoKu_0o


  Season 18:  Ant (England) _champ  

  2nd: Naveen (India) SupRrStaRr 


  Season 19:  Ant (England) _champ  

  2nd: Uriel (Mexico) PRO_BOY


  Season 20:  Kevin (USA) havok  

  2nd: Rocky (India) Asskicking_101 


  Season 21:  Pita (USA) AzN_PrIdE_LuVa  

  2nd: Nish (USA) xlx_nish_xlx 


  Season 22:  Rocky (India) Asskicker619  

  2nd: Faizan (India) DarklordX 


  Season 23:  Faizan (India) DarklordX  

  2nd: Bryan (USA) Μr.Pool.Champ 


  Season 24:  Rocky (India) Asskicker619  

  2nd: Faizan (India) StarlordX


  Season 25:  Fahd (Sweden) Devastor_De_Pool  

  2nd: Colt (USA) CS


  Season 26:  Sterlo (Australia) Sterlo.  

  2nd: Nigel (England) ENDK


  Season 27:  Raza (Pakistan) Nice To Beat You  

  2nd: Blake (USA) h20.Only


  Season 28:  Sterlo (Australia) Sterlooo 

  2nd: Blake (USA) h20.Only


  Season 29:  Chris (England) Pommyking 

  2nd: Sterlo (Australia) SHARK



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