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      by pudeljaq on September 27, 2010 at 02:55:04 PDT

    For those that are new and would like some help finding your way around, logging in, registering for tournies etc
    Here is a link to My League Players Guide!

    This site provides a collection of tutorials and other forms of assistance for using the tools on your League page.

    To view a tutorial or guide, simply click on the appropriate tab.

    If you have any questions that are not answered in these guides, please don't hesitate to ask your Admin team.

    We hope that these tutorials and guides will be helpful to you!

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Now playing at Pogo
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League Tips
A tournament is a short-term competition with a scheduled beginning and end. Players may register to play in a tournament on any League for which they are registered.
LadderBux Redemptions
Colorful Beach Ball - (Set of 2) (125000)
Colorful Beach Ball - (Set of 2) (125000)
Murano Style Glass Bead-Red with Pink Swirl- Black With Red Drop (13000)
Purple Butterfly Bead (15000)
Purple Butterfly Bead (15000)

Over $3,365,600.00 worth of prizes awarded so far!
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