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Recent Winners
ID No. TD Name [Completed Tourneys] Type
Saturday January 19, 2019
1889430 dntgveahoot [4662] S.E. 1 vs 1 WickedGriffy
1889429 dntgveahoot [4661] S.E. 1 vs 1 WickedGriffy
1889428 dntgveahoot [4660] S.E. 1 vs 1 WickedGriffy
Friday January 18, 2019
1889373 beerdog00 [851] S.E. 1 vs 1 WyckdWiseOne
1889279 beerdog00 [850] S.E. 1 vs 1 beerdog00
1889266 dntgveahoot [4659] S.E. 1 vs 1 beerdog00
1889265 dntgveahoot [4658] S.E. 1 vs 1 ichypalm2
Thursday January 17, 2019
1889176 beerdog00 [849] S.E. 1 vs 1 xpittsburgx
1889156 beerdog00 [848] S.E. 1 vs 1 WyckdWiseOne
1889091 dntgveahoot [4657] D.E. 1 vs 1 beerdog00
1889090 dntgveahoot [4656] D.E. 1 vs 1 dntgveahoot
Wednesday January 16, 2019
1888972 falcon4971 [32] S.E. 1 vs 1 DELVIS6201948
1888971 falcon4971 [31] S.E. 1 vs 1 WyckdWiseOne
1888804 WickedGriffy [4489] D.E. 1 vs 1 WickedGriffy
1888803 WickedGriffy [4488] D.E. 1 vs 1 beerdog00
Tuesday January 15, 2019
1888850 beerdog00 [847] S.E. 1 vs 1 WyckdWiseOne
1888797 beerdog00 [846] S.E. 1 vs 1 beerdog00
1888697 dntgveahoot [4655] S.E. 1 vs 1 WyckdWiseOne
1888696 dntgveahoot [4654] S.E. 1 vs 1 WyckdWiseOne
1888695 dntgveahoot [4653] S.E. 1 vs 1 WyckdWiseOne
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League Admins
WyckdWiseOne (Head Admin)
dntgveahoot (HA-- the real boss :) )  
WickedGriffy (Co-Ha aka Enforcer)  
beerdog00 (Mr brat)  
robertc58923 (Rob page design)  


Welcome To Wicked9Ball!! The First 9 Ball ONLY League in Pogo Pool!! Created August 13, 2002 Once your account is active you will receive an email The Welcome Letter will explain the Rules in detail and the basic information you will need to insure your time here is enjoyable. Should you have any questions on any of the rules please feel free to ask any member of the Staff or the Wicked family and we will be more than happy to explain them to you. If cussing is done in the lobby, same rules apply for disrespect/etc. We do allow dam, hell, azz and chit, we allow the very occasional shit or ass. The abbrev of "mf" is used here ONLY for the meaning of "my friend". If it is found that you are using that abbreviation in ANY other way, you will be subject to the same rules..warning..box.ban 1. If playing when tourney begins you have 2 minutes to report for the first round . 2. First name will set second name. 3. Table settings should always be set Rated, private w/ league pw.(if needed) Also included in settings bonus balls optional and pockets, allow watchers, breaks alternate,no table timer. 9 on break is a reset unless tour is a d/e or special tours then it is a win. All these table settings apply unless otherwise notified by TD. 4. If a player is booted (disconnected), they will have 5 minutes to return to the table. If a second timer is needed, it will be 2 mins.Please let the T.D. know if this happens. If the player is timed out, the opponent will automatically advance into the next round. 5. Your League name must match your Pogo name exactly. Good sportsmanship is a must. Saying GL (good luck) before the match, and GG (good game) after the jackpot spin, not before the 9ball is potted. Please wait for a response from your challenger to insure that they have not froze at the table. Only one person per account, no one else is allowed to use your account. We are all here to have fun, please be respectful of the other members and staff. 6. Both players please report all tourney match results in the lobby all caps like this: ***WINNER ///// NON WINNER*** and do NOT report to the tourney page. The TD will do that for you. 7. You may watch another game during a tourney if you are waiting for your next pair, as long as it doesn't hold the tourney up or bother the players you are watching. 8. Banking on a break result possible dq or warning/box/ban from the tourney. The cue ball must hit the one ball first! 9. No safeties(intentional hooking) or tapping allowed if done will result in a disqualification from tournament, subject to warning/box/ban 10. The Top Seated player in D/E's can play the computer only while they wait for finals pairing to be called. 11. Red rated pogo accounts are allowed. Playing or being on a non-tourney game while in a tourney is allowed, albeit, must be non rated and responding promptly to calling for tourney. 12. If you have any questions regarding the league or tournament, please ask them in the lobby. If you have a personal question to ask either IM a staff member, or create a table. 13. The Tournament Director (TD) has the final say so in all matters. HTD's and Admins will stand behind the TDs decision. 14. If a problem arises at the table you are in please invite the TD to that table to settle the dispute. Formal challenges have been disabled. If you are challenged to a ladder match, you MAY NOT ladder anyone else until you fulfill this challenge. Failure to meet this challenge within 48 hrs. will result in lost rungs/rank. 16. The No Abuse Policy is in Effect and Will be Enforced: (A) 1st Offense:You will receive a warning! (B) 2nd Offense:If caught abusing another league member or a TD, HTD, or ADMIN, you will be placed in the penalty box for minimum 3 days! (D) 3rd Offense: Minimum 7 days in penalty box. Any further abuse/disrespect will result in your being kicked/banned from League.

League Tips
You should never share your password with anyone for any reason.
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