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    This message forum is here to allow you to talk to the other members on your ladder. Talk about strategy, gameplay, who's the best out there, etc!

    We also operate a number of general interest forums, some of which you will see linked at the top of the forum page. These let you talk to members from all over the ladder about various topics.

    Our Gold and Platinum members receive access to their own special forums to talk with the staff and other premium members. We invite you to check them out and participate. If you aren't a premium member you can still read them!

    Enjoy the forums,

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        by mimi_lynn on May 21, 2008 at 09:11:56 PDT

      You know there are lots of good Players here. But the one you want to beat the most (or try to) is JR. lol. You know we love ya JR. It has been such a pleasure to play on this League over the years. People come and go. But the ones that stick around you concider them your friends. Good luck Friends. I look forward to many more years of playing dominoes with all of you.
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