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      by mb1952 on February 11, 2019 at 06:02:30 PST

    Season 53 of the Shadow League will run from Mar 1-7.
    The basics of it are this:
    - there are four teams with eight players each
    - just play as normal, nothing extra to do
    - each tournament game will count towards your team's average
    - the team with the best average at the end of Mar 7 are the champions
    - that’s it!
    - new players, if you want to participate, JOIN HERE >> send an email to mb1952@gmail.com saying "I'm in" (I will send you an email back with your choices)
    - team standings are posted on the Shadow League Page and in the Message Forum each morning
    So join in if you want! Just play as you normally do and each tournament game will count towards your team's average
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