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Hall of Fame
What is the Hall of Fame?

The Hall of Fame lists the top players in various categories. Unlike the LeaderBoards, the Hall of Fame lists all-time records, which means that if you make it into the Hall of Fame and then leave the League, your username will stay in the Hall of Fame for as long as your record stands. If you were entered into the Hall of Fame and your name is no longer listed, please contact the Admin team.

How often is the Hall of Fame updated?

The Hall of Fame is updated once per day. It may take up to 24 hours to see your username listed if you have recently made it into the Hall of Fame.

How do I get into the Hall of Fame?

You don't have to do anything special to get into the Hall of Fame because it is completely automated. You will be placed in the Hall of Fame within 24 hours once you have broken a record previously held by another member in a particular category.

What happens to my entry in the Hall of Fame if I leave a League?

If you withdraw from a League or your account is deleted for inactivity while you are listed in the Hall of Fame, your record will remain until it is broken by another member. Please be advised you will not be able to continue building your original record if you rejoin.

Do I win anything for being in the Hall of Fame?

No - but you do get recognition, fame, and glory!

I have a suggestion for a Hall of Fame category. Where should I send it?

If you have a suggestion for a Hall of Fame category, please contact MyLeague.com at http://cgi.igl.net/cgi-bin/ladder/public_mail/member.cgi?subject=Suggestion with your suggestion.

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