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What are LadderBux?

Please visit http://www.igl.net/bux/about.php to read all about our LadderBux program!

Where can I view the prizes available to redeem with my LadderBux?

Visit http://cgi.igl.net/cgi-bin/ladder/bux/center.cgi?do=browse&template=base to view the list of prizes currently available in the LadderBux Redemption Center. Check back frequently as the products are always changing!

Can I view what other members have redeemed with their LadderBux?

A list of recent LadderBux Redemptions can be found on the right-hand side of the Home tab.

Do I have to be a premium member to redeem my LadderBux for prizes?

No, but you do earn MORE LadderBux if you are a premium member. Additionally, you can redeem prizes more often if you are a premium member, depending on your premium membership level.

I ordered something from the LadderBux Redemption Center quite awhile ago and I still haven't received it. What can I do?

Send an e-mail to shipping@igl.net for assistance with orders from the LadderBux Redemption Center.

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