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      by XX_Noli_XX on December 19, 2020 at 06:31:20 PST

    There was an announcement from Myleague that their security certificate has expired. For most browsers, it will prevent you from access the tour registering page. In order to fix this, I have found the instructions for both Chrome and FireFox users.

    Allowing Insecure Content in Firefox and Chrome

    If you are trying to access an embedded video in Moodle and you see a blank white space, the browser is most likely blocking insecure content on the page. To display the insecure content please follow the directions below:

    Click the small gray shield icon on the extreme left-hand side of the address bar, directly to the right of the "Back" button.


    Next to "Keep Blocking," click the drop-down arrow and select "Disable Protection on This Page."
    You will be taken back to the entry page of your course


    Look for the small gray shield icon in the extreme right-hand corner of the address bar.

    Click the "Load unsafe script" (shield icon) link.
    You will be taken back to the entry page of your course

    You can visit the website where this info is located with images to make it less confusing :-)

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