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01/20/2020 Recent Winners
Tournament Director Game Winner
saxonknight01 Cribbage gear1086
monacan1 Jungle Gin grams2014e
Netzo2 Pinochle crowmomcole
RFROST1964 Yahtzee Party Queeniereads
monacan1 Jungle Gin monacan1
MinnieMe__1970 Pool xx_OnLy_Me_xx
spadeviolet Yahtzee Party DEEPPURPLE66
Magzwashere Canasta Chele
lady_luv_ll Spades SIZZLECHEST_420,M
BluAngel1950 Spades KennyGryz
crochetqueen64 Pogo Bowl beyaz28
foxyfoxriverfox Pogo Bowl barbiz2