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01/18/2021 Recent Winners
Tournament Director Game Winner
mrswhip12078 Spades cuteplayer
mrswhip12078 Spades easy0872,kimmie_
VaGurl Spades Libertybell
bigwin2007p Dice City Roller numby6
_HOPE_ Spades jojosatm
mst2blue Canasta MichelleCaLegend
djscotty Arcade Bowling eagleewye
kingcampfire Canasta eliminator1957
djscotty Arcade Bowling eagleewye
poppsv Spades Bag_O_Treats
kingcampfire Canasta someone_else_au
JAM3611 Pogo Bowl Jonathanwhite14
Recent League News
cuteplayer defeated Whisper in dejvu.
easy0872 defeated faith_43 in dejvu.
kimmie_ defeated faith_43 in dejvu.
kimmie_ defeated laine2pass in dejvu.
faith_43 defeated Gorzilla in dejvu.
faith_43 defeated Whisper in dejvu.
laine2pass defeated Whisper in dejvu.