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03/24/2018 Recent Winners
Tournament Director Game Winner
rosarja12 Gin orsetta552003
emeraldmanor Canasta Denise1978
Ladybug745 High Stakes Pool OUTLAWPOOL
faeann Slingo mattsgrandma
bowlingbabe Euchre Playme60,snakeman
ninacwat30 Dominoes Vallillen
RozPly9 Dice City Roller ohosantiques
Shaun Canasta BlueUnicorn1948
robertc589ST High Stakes Pool ramasmama91
KenJames94 Pogo Bowl startreksdh
Jethr0 Pool Jethr0
sawman84 Fortune Bingo shallwedanceohya
Recent League News
rosii79 defeated jwm_cz08 in cana.
rosii79 defeated Ente in cana.
dr.schnuggel defeated Ente in cana.
urmel54 defeated bambi1970 in cana.
Trixi defeated bambi1970 in cana.
urmel54 defeated rosii79 in cana.
Trixi defeated rosii79 in cana.
Trixi defeated dr.schnuggel in cana.