Promotion: TD Donations Increased

TD LadderBux Donation

If a HTD/TD chooses to give "LadderBux to top finishers" when creating a tournament, they will also have the option of donating up to 20,000 of their own LadderBux to the tournament "pot." These LadderBux are taken directly from the HTD/TD's account, and are awarded to the first place winner.

The number of donations available to HTD/TDs is based on their premium membership level as a player:

Free members can make 3 donations per month
Gold members can make 4 donations per month!
Platinum members can make 7 donations per month!
Diamond members can make 10 donations per month!

During the promotion, we will be doubling the maximum amount for TD Donations from 20,000 LadderBux to 40,000 LadderBux. HTDs/TDs will be allowed to add a TD Donation for up to 40,000 LadderBux!

Our next increase for TD Donations is scheduled for: May 27-29 2023

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