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Gift Matching Promotion

During a Gift Matching Promotion, MyLeague will match your LadderBux Gifts! This means that the recipient of your LadderBux Gift will receive TWICE as many LadderBux as you gift. For example, if you gift a fellow member 500 LadderBux during the promotion, the member will receive 1,000 LadderBux.

Our next Gift Matching Promotion is scheduled for: 15 July 2024

UPGRADE NOW to take advantage of this event!

About LadderBux Gifting

Platinum and Diamond Memberships allow you to gift away your LadderBux to other members!

LadderBux Gifting Limits
  • Diamond Members: allowed to gift up to 10,000 LadderBux every 7 days.
  • Platinum Members: allowed to gift up to 2,000 LadderBux every 7 days.
How to Gift LadderBux
  1. Go to the MyAccount tab.
  2. Click on the "Gift LadderBux" link, located on the left-side of the page under the "Premium Options" heading.
  3. Click on the "Gift LadderBux" tab, located to the right of the "Gift History" tab.
  4. Enter the username for the member you wish to gift LadderBux to, and then enter the amount you are gifting to that member.
  5. Type your personal message (optional).
  6. Check the box to send a copy of the notification to your email address (optional).
  7. Click the "Process Gift" button.
LadderBux Gifting Schedule

The schedule for gifting LadderBux works on a sliding/rolling scale. Seven (7) days after a LadderBux Gift has been given, that amount is added back to the amount of LadderBux you are eligible to gift.

This means the number of LadderBux you are eligible to gift can change on a daily basis, depending on the amount of LadderBux you gifted and the number of days since the LadderBux Gifting occurred.

Gift 100 LadderBux today and one week from today you can gift 100 LadderBux again! Don't worry; we keep track of this for you!

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