1) Tardiness if posted in the rules you can be dropped no matter when you register if not online and the host is ready to start and has to get even 2) The 3 59 sec Rule must be added and to my understanding it goes like this...If you get three 59 seconds in the same round you can replace that player with a sub for the rest of that Tourney.....I also Believe that we Agreed that the Three 59 second Infraction had to be Copied and Pasted and sent to the Director who is Hosting the Tourney (know word of the mouth must have proof) This also needs to be Added if the player Refuse to give up the Seat, the Host can ask the table Maker to Boot that Player from the Table/if the Three 59 sec is on the Table Maker/Host Only will have the Right to Remake Table after that hand and Continue on with the Tourney Manually 3) Most of this is Cover Under # 6 just needs tweaked a little so the Directors are on the same Page.... Once the Assignments are sent out table must be made and game started before the posted forfeit is up. Example (Billy table#1.1 ff at 1:05 once the clock clicks 1:06 it's a forfeit if you are not seated and game hasn't started, players will get the full minute of the posted time which is 1:05 4) I also think we Agreed that Gifts will be Maxed Out at 2 Games with the Exception of Odds Limited to 3 games 5) Break Down TD'S Hosting Procedures of the Quota's, and Playing in The Tourneys they are Hosting, who Plays before them ,and Host can only play if the Tourney is less than 26 Players BID LEAGUE STANDARD RULES – EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2016 1. TARDINESS: If you are registered and checked in for a tournament please be on site prior to the TD's closing and available to play. If you are not on site prior to the tourney closing, the hosting TD has the option of dropping you if the player is checked-in and the count is uneven. Tourneys are hosted in the reporting room not the lobby. If you are in the lobby and not in the tourney room TD still has the option to remove you from the tourney. You should be in the hosting room prior to TD Closing. This option is at the discretion of the hosting TD. a. If a sub is required for you, then you will be considered tardy. Once your have received a total of 3 tardies in a 30 day period, you will be placed in the Penalty Box for 5 days or more based on the number of offenses. NOTE: If you arrive on site and your sub has played in at least one full round, then it is the subs choice if they want to allow you to play or if they want to continue playing. b. If you have (3) NO SHOWS, in a 30 day period then you will be placed in the Penalty Box for 5 days, unless a valid reason is submitted. You can withdraw from tourney the same way you register. Each Penalty box placement will be increased after each stay in increments of 5 days. 2. CONDUCT: Always be respectful and courteous to the hosting TD and players. Please do not harass, curse or attempt to chastise your partner or an opponent. Any unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT be tolerated prior to or while tourney is in progress. Chastise "he chastised his partner for their wrong play" synonyms: scold, upbraid, berate, reprimand, reprove, rebuke, admonish, chide, censure, lambaste, castigate, lecture, give someone a piece of one's mind, give someone a tongue-lashing for wrong card play, take to task, rake/haul over the coals 3. LEAGUE VIOLATIONS/OFFENSES: a. Tardiness 1st offense - Member less than 3 months - One Written warning (no penalty) 1st offense - Members 3 months and more verbal warning 2nd offense - 5 days in the penalty box (based on offense) 3rd offense - 10 days in the penalty box 4th offense - 15 day suspensions b. No shows based on 60 consecutive days 1st offense – Member less than 3 months - One Written warning (no penalty) 1st offense - Member 3 months or more 5 days in the penalty box 2nd offense - 10 days in the penalty box (based on offense) 3rd offense - 20 days in the penalty box 4th offense - 30 day suspensions c. Unsportsmanlike Conduct 1st offense - 15 days in the penalty box (based on offense) 2nd offense - 30 day suspension or longer (based on offense) 3rd offense - 90 day suspensions 4th Ban from the League d. Playing in Two Leagues same time. This will be considered Disrespectful to the League and Players 1st offense - 10 days in the penalty box 2nd offense – 20 days in the penalty box 3rd offense 30 day suspensions e. Leaving in the Middle of Tourney without Cause/Reason Players can be removed if you register for next tourney after leaving previous tourney without cause/reason if noted on your player card from that previous tourney. 1st offense - Member less than 3 months - One Written warning (no penalty) 2nd offense - 10 days in the penalty box (based on offense) 3rd offense - 20 days in the penalty box 4th offense - 30 day suspensions f. Disrespecting Tourney Director Will not be tolerated!!! 1st offense - Member less than 3 months - One Written warning 3 days in penalty box 2nd offense - 30 days in penalty box 3rd offense - 60 days in penalty box 4th offense – Ban from the League g. Disrespecting between Players 1st offense – There will be a warning to the player or players by the hosting director, if director ask you to stop disrupting the room and you continue, you will be booted from the table and tourney, and immediately placed in the penalty box for 10 days (based on offense) 2nd offense - 20 days in the penalty box (based on offense) 3rd offense - 30 days in the penalty box DROPPING PLAYERS DUE TO LEAGUE VIOLATION GUIDELINES TDs do have the options to drop players from their tourney. However, you must be issue a warning from the hosting TD for the REASON you will be dropped. 1st offense - No penalty 2nd offense – The member will be placed in the penalty box for 10 days 3rd offense – The member will be placed in the penalty box for 30 days 4th offense – The individual will be placed in the box for 6 months Examples for being dropped….being disrespectful to members/partners/disrupting the reporting room/slow playing 59 sec three times on the same player in one round/ excessive booting from table 3 times on the same player in one round/ multi-tasking. 4. TABLE ETIQUETTE: a. Please read the tourney rules prior registering for the tourney. NOTE: It’s the member’s responsibility to read the rules of the tourneys you register for b. Please be sure that you are at the main table and attentive to the hosting director. c. Please DO NOT TYPE while the hosting TD states the rules and table assignments. d. If you have to leave your computer, please inform the hosting TD by typing “be right back (BRB)". e. Please be fair to your partner and do not leave the room while the match is still in progress. If for any reason, you have to leave or can’t complete the tourney, inform your partner and the hosting TD so they can “POSSIBLY” find a sub for you. f. If a player is booted while a match is in progress, contact the hosting TD and/or request a sub if needed. (NOTE: DO NOT leave the table to go and inform them that a player has booted.) 5. TABLE PROCEDURES: Players are expected to know where they should be and who they are playing. Go to the STANDINGS page to see who your opponents are. a. The TEAM listed first on the standings bracket will make the table. b. The TEAM CAPTAIN is the name listed first on the standings bracket and will make the assigned room/table. EXCEPTION: New players will not be assigned TABLE CAPTAIN unless they are comfortable making the room. New players are expected to make tables after participating in 5 tourneys. c. The TEAM CO-CAPTAIN is the name listed second on the standings bracket. If the Table Captain is not on site or nonresponsive, then it is the responsibility of the Co-Captain to make table in a timely fashion without request. Note: Once the Assignments are sent out table must be made and game started before the posted forfeit is up. 6. MATCH FORFEITURE: The table captain is responsible for making sure that the table is made and the match starts playing within (5) Minutes. a. If the Table Captain or Co-Captain does not make the table within five (5) minutes of being assigned, they will forfeit the match to the opponents. b. If the opponents fail to show up for the match within the five (5) minutes of table being made the match is forfeited. c. The hosting TD must be notified and calls the forfeit. d. One player of a team must be present to advance or the match will be forfeited. e. No two subs can win a match. f. Subs ARE NOT responsible for making tables 7. TOURNAMENT GUIDANCE: a. Playing in Two Tourney on Different Leagues: You are not allowed to check in for a tourney on BID if you are still playing in a tourney on another league. If you are currently in a tourney on BID, you are allowed to register and check in for the next BID tourney. If you are in a tourney in two different leagues at the same time you will receive a penalty. b. TD Playing in Their Own Tourney: TDs are allowed to play in his/her own tourney. When the TD is playing in the tourney they are hosting, please announce your win/loss through private message and watch the standings page to see who your next opponents are. You do not have to wait for the hosting TD to announce your match, once the standings have been updated. The Team Captain of the match should prepare to make the table and also inform the opponents the table number he or she is making. As a courtesy to the hosting TD, if the hosting table is not available to join please remake the table. 7a. Self-Ran Tournaments In a SRT one player from the losing team must report. The team captain will be responsible for reporting the loss for the team. You will receive a Reporting Password in your email once the TD has closed the tourney. The email will say “Your randomly generated Team Reporting Password for Tourney #1787912 is: 8an72xz” You will use the 8an72xz on the tourney page under the “REPORT” tab. ATTENTION: This form should be filled out and submitted by the --LOSER-- of the match. Simply enter your password, then click on the button beside the WINNER'S name and click the "Report Loss" button. Please follow the rules under 5. TABLE PROCEDURES: for table making in tourney. Note: This procedure can also be used if the TD gets booted, in any tourney. 8. TOURNEY RULES We play 7and 7 and Rise and Fly Tourney with a variation of rules. a. Hands: A number of hands are played and the teams with the best score after the # of hands have been completed wins. b. 2 out of 3: Usually 7 and 7 tourney where the first player to win two games is declared the winner. The 2 set rule: allows a team only two sets per game. c. No Trump: Only No trump bids are allowed can be high/low bid. Trump bids are consider a bad bid. If a player is booted and the computer has last bid the returning player must allow the computer to play the hand. The player may sit after the computer has played the first 8 cards. If a player is booted and the computer bids 3 hi or low dealer has to bid 3NO or it will be considered a bad bid. d. All Trumps: Only high/low bids trump bids are allowed a No trump is consider a bad bid. e. Red or Black Cards: Players can bid trump bid or no bids. All trump bids must be in the correct color and all no bids must lead with the correct color. f. Follow the Leader: The first bid of each hand sets the rules for that hand only. If first bid is no trump all bids that hand must be no trump. If first bid is high or low all bids that hand must be hi/lo. g. Points: When a player makes or sets a bid they receive points. Computer will post points after each hand. Odds are added to points. h. Cumulative Points: Similar to points but only the amount of bid is counted odds do not apply. i. 1-vs-1: 1 player per team the computer plays the other hand no subs are ever allowed. j. Double Elimination: You have to lose two matches before you are eliminated. After you lose your first match, your team then moves into the lower bracket. You continue playing matches in that lower bracket until you receive your second loss, at which point you are out of the tournament. k. Swiss: Every player plays in every round regardless of their match results. (A player may withdraw from the tournament after any round if they no longer wish to compete). Each win counts as one (1) point, and each loss counts as zero (0) points. 9. TABLE RULES/SETTINGS/INSTRUCTIONS: a. TABLE SETTINGS: (1) RISE N FLY (RNF) SETTINGS: - On the "FEATURE TAB" click "CUSTOM" - Select "AS - AUTO SET" and "RNF-RISE & FLY" - On the "RULES TAB" select "NSK - NO SHOW KITTY" (Unless it’s a show kitty tourney then you would not select anything.) - Next for BIDDING STYLE select "HALF STEPPING (NOT PROGRESSIVE)" or PROGRESSIVE depending on what the tourney rules indicate. (2) 7 IN/7OUT (7/7) SETTINGS: - On the "FEATURE TAB" click "CUSTOM" - Select "AS - AUTO SET" - On the "RULES TAB" select "NSK - NO SHOW KITTY" (Unless it’s a show kitty tourney then you would not select anything.) - Next for BIDDING STYLE select "HALF STEPPING (NOT PROGRESSIVE)" or PROGRESSIVE depending on what the tourney rules indicate. (3) Three 59 sec Rule: If a player gets three 59 seconds in the same round. Players on that table can request a sub for the player. The hosting TD will sub or find a sub if possible to allow that player to reboot in hopes of speeding up his/her computer. The player with the 59 seconds must stand to allow the sub to sit. If player refuses, the Table Maker/Host Only will have the Right to Remake Table after that hand and Continue on with the Tourney Manually 10. REMAKING TABLES RULES: a. IF a player sits in the wrong seat MAKE THE TABLE OVER b. IF a table maker bids before 59 seconds and no opponent is allowed to bid MAKE THE TABLE OVER. Table should be remade within the 5 min time limit of assignment because one player did not get a chance to bid. As long as one player of each team is allowed to bid table is good. c. IF a table is made wrong, i.e. SHOW KITTY, PROGRESSIVE OR NOT PROGRESSIVE table settings are wrong, then remake within the 5 min time limit of assignment. If a BID IS MADE OR SET, THE GAME IS VALID. (VALID=Hand Counts). Keep score manually on next table. d. IF a table is made wrong but it does not affect the game. Keep score manual. Table should be remade only if kitty is showing in a no show kitty or vice versa tourney and table is set for progressive when the bidding is not progressive. e. A card must be played on a table before a penalty can be applied 11. BAD BIDS: a. The rules listed on each tourney page must be followed regardless of table settings. b. A bad bid must be called before the caller plays a card on that hand is played. c. The opponents must call a bad bid, NOT the team committing the bad bid. Opponents cannot be forced to take a bad bid d. Rise-n-Fly: IF tourney rules are PROGRESSIVE and the table is set for NOT PROGRESSIVE and a bad bid is committed, the BAD BID penalty applies and the hand counts. BAD BID PENALTY = 1 GAME to the opponents (unless tourney rules state differently). e. 7 IN/7 Out: IF a Team commits a BAD BID, they will go in the hole for that amount or the minimum bid amount. The Team should set themselves to keep the score correct. EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE: IF minimum bid is 4 and a player BIDS a 3HI or 3LO, you will SUBTRACT -4 from your score. If you BID a 3NO, then SUBTRACT -6 from your score. A NO BID is DOUBLE points. Keep the score manually if this exception occurs. EXAMPLE: TEAM A is 6 on board & TEAM B is 1 on board. TEAM A makes a BAD BID of 3HI, the score will be as follows: TEAM A = 2 TEAM B = 1 f. LAST HAND RULE: When the tourney is # of hands, if a BAD BID is made by the team that's ahead which causes the match to be over (not the tie breaker), the above penalty is applied and that hand is played over. 12. SITE REBOOT/PLAYER BOOT: a. Site Reboot: If the site goes down during a tournament, the hand being played must be replayed (NO EXCEPTIONS). Only the hands and/or games completed will be counted prior to the site rebooting. b. Booted Players/Opponents: (1) Opponents Boot: If both opponents boot during a match, please hold play to 59 seconds and let the hosting TD know that both players booted. If one player has not returned in 5 minutes they forfeit the match. The forfeit must be called by the hosting TD. (2) Booted/Unavailable Partner: If a player is unavailable (i.e. booted, not onsite, nonresponsive) and the computer BIDs, THE COMPUTER BIDS ARE VALID (VALID=Hand Counts). NOTE: The other players are allowed to take out the computers BID with a VALID BID. NOTE: Computer bids are not subject to gifts or penalties of any tourney. 13. FORMAL CHALLENGES: a. A challenge is defined as a request for a match with a higher-ranked member. b. Players in the TOP 20 are eligible to challenge any member within 50% of their ranked. c. A challenge can be 2 vs 2 with both losers reporting or only the loser reporting to the challenge winner. d. It is the responsibility of the person being challenged to make sure that the challenge is met. e. Matches must be completed within 3 days (72 hours) and both players must agree on a date, time and rules within the 72 hours. If the match is not played within the allotted time line, it is an automatic win for the challenger and the negligent party will be penalized in rungs for failure to meet the challenge. EXCEPTION: If the individuals are opponents in a tourney prior to the scheduled challenge, then the formal challenge has been met. f. Contact any TD to oversee your challenge. (NOTE: Any Bid League TD can oversee a challenge. g. Once a formal challenge has been played, the LOSER must report the lost immediately. If the match is not reported within 1 hour of being played, the match will be reported by the Admin team and the loser will be penalized for not reporting the match in a timely fashion. (NOTE: When there is a #2 vs #1 challenge that is not met within the 72 hours, the ranks will be reversed and the challenger will assume the #1 player’s current rank.) h. Only one challenge may be issued against a member at any time. You are restricted from challenging the same member twice in a row for a period of five (5) days. A challenge is cleared immediately following a match report. This means that as soon as you play a challenge another challenge can be filed against you. Players outside of the top ten are limited to challenging members half the distance of their rank. i. Challenge Process: - Go to the BID homepage (WWW.MYLEAGUE.COM/BID) - Click the STANDINGS tab - Select the FORMAL CHALLENGE link - LOGIN with your user information - Type in the name of opponent you wish to challenge and submit it. This will send an email to the individual. Bounced e-mail will be considered a forfeit. Also, send a courtesy email to the BID League ( informing them of your challenge. NOTE: If you see the member online ( site, inform them that you have challenged them and set up a time for the match. If you have not heard anything within a day or so of issuing the challenge via email/online, notify one of the BID League Admins for assistance. 14. SUGGESTIONS/ISSUES/COMPLAINTS: If you have any suggestions, issues, or complaints for the BID League, please send them to or any Admin by using the my league emailing system
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