Canasta Freaks


60 Second Timer ~ 2 Draw ~ 1 or 2 Canasta, depending upon the game ~ Allow Wilds on Opening Meld ~ Allow Players to Replace Computer ~ Do Not Limit Player (rating) ~ Allow Watchers ~ Do Not Mute Watchers ~ Do Not Allow Watchers to See Hand ~ Unrated ~ Make Private, Using League Password.

Do Not Give Password To Tables In The Lobby. Use IM, "Whisper" To The Player, Or Meet The Player At A Table To Share The Password.

You may not be in 2 tournaments at the same time.
If you are PLAYING at a table in the finals of a previous tour then you may jump the next tour.
However, if you are still playing in the previous finals when it is your turn, you have 5 minutes to get to the table or you DQ.
Purposefully disqualifying in the previous tournament will result in a disqualification in the new tournament.
The Hosts Are Glad To Help By Removing Players When Asked,
But This Is Not A Perfect Process. They May Miss The Post,
Or Get Swamped By More Pressing Issues, So In Busy Tours, With A Lot Of Chat,
It Is Safest To Remove Yourself If You Are Still Playing In Another Tour.

In Tournaments, Both Players Are To Post In The Lobby
(Host Name ****** Winner // Non-Winner)
The Host Reports The Win/Loss To Case's Ladder,
So Posting Your Own Loss Would Be A Duplicate.
Posting Individual Lost Games Is For Non-Tournament,
Or "Ladder" Games, That Count For Case's Statistics


Do Not Leave A Game Early When Losing Or
Intentionally DQ (Disqualify) To Play In The Next Tournament.
No Abuse, Accusations, Name Calling, Or Upsetting People In The Lobby.
Concerns, Disagreements, And Disputes
Should Be Taken To A Table Or IM, And Kept Out Of The Lobby.
When A Host Makes A Judgment Call, That Call Stands.

Types Of Tournaments


In a Single Elimination tour, you are out the first time you lose.

In a Double Elimination tour, you are not out until you lose TWICE.
After your first loss, you have a chance in the lower bracket.
Finals are between winner of top bracket versus winner of bottom bracket.

In a Regular Swiss, you play every round win or lose.
You receive buxs for every round you win.
You may request out at any time.
You keep playing until there is one undefeated player.

A True Swiss has a set number of rounds.
You play every round, win or lose.
You receive bux for every round you win.
You may request out at any time.
The person with the best record is winner.

There are three (3) players per match. The 1st called player sets, the 2nd player sits, and the 3rd player watches.
As soon as the game is over, the player watching switches places with the losing player and plays the winner at the table.
The first player to win two games IN A ROW is the winner of that round.
If two people play -player vs player vs bye- winner is best 2 of 3 games.

The Games We Play


Universal Rule
Unless An Action Is Specifically Forbidden,
You May Assume It Is Allowed, Following Regular Canasta Play

Original Canasta rules does not provide for Canastas of 3s, but Pogo does.
To achieve a Canasta in 3s, you must acquire at least seven (7) 3s.
Only natural canastas of 3s are possible, no wilds allowed.
For Freaks purposes pertaining to rules, 3s count as a Canasta.
In certain games like Dr. Pepper and Nine to Five,
a Canasta of 3s would mean a DQ.

The 1st name called in pairings will choose the game played.
Setter announces choice in lobby.
Joiner will verify the choice.
Host will run rules for that game.

Pairings will be called.
Then, in a few seconds, table number will be called.
Both players race to table.
Player who sets table 1st, chooses the game played.
Setter will announce choice in lobby.
Joiner will verify the choice.
Host will run rules for that game.

In this tourney, the FIRST CARD UP decides which game you will play PER HAND
If the first card up is 4, 5, or 6, play GAME #1
If the first card up is 7, 8, 9, or 10, play GAME #2
If the first card up is J, Q, K or A play GAME #3
If the first card up is 2, 3, or JOKER, play GAME #4
VERIFY GAME # BEFORE first play, each hand

1st name in each team plays ~ 2nd name in each team sits as watchers.
When the game is over ~ all stand to reset table.
2nd name in each team plays ~ 1st name in each team sits as watchers.
Best 2/3 move to the next round.
If the teams tie after 2 games ~ The winner of each team will play for the win.



4-Player Doubles are hosted in BEGINNER BLUE MOON from 3PM onward every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday

Table Talk
* Absolutely no table talk will be allowed.
* What is "table talk"? Chat about a hand in play is considered table talk. Avoid all conversations about the hand currently being played.
* Anything that can be interpreted as table talk should not be typed. This includes telling or asking your partner what to play or not to play, what you have or do not have in your hand, or clarifying the rules. Only the Host may answer game related questions.
* No private chats about the hand or game is allowed between players (partners or opponents) during a match. If there is a concern, message only the Host in lobby or IM.
* The Host has sole discretion in determining what is considered table talk. The decision of the Host is final.
* If the Host determines that table talk has occurred the team will be disqualified.

DOUBLES - 4 Player
No Second Chances. Make sure you KNOW the rules.
Please stay at table until final score is up.
If a player is missing, the team will be on the "10 min timer,"
which stops if a substitute joins .
Table Talk is not allowed!
Details can be found under Doubles on the site's Game Rules page.
Casual conversation can be used as signals between partners,
so please be CAREFUL with your chat.
You may only ask partner if it is ok to go out,
but not tell your partner to go out.

No Second Chances. Make sure you KNOW the rules.
Please stay at table until final score is up.
If a player is missing, the team will be on the "10 min timer,"
which stops if a substitute joins .
Partners ARE ALLOWED to IM each other and chat at table about cards needed, etc.

Games to play:
Regular Canasta ~ Cut ~ Freeze Burn ~ No Touch ~ Phoenix Rising ~ Suicide
Tourney is played with a ROBOT as partner
In this case, you CAN ask your partner for cards or tell the BOT to meld out,
but the BOT might not listen & may meld out without asking at any time

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