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Recent Winners
ID No. TD Name [Completed Tourneys] Type
Thursday December 14, 2017
4177505 budweiserchevy08 [477] S.S. 1 vs 1 waves1227
4177504 budweiserchevy08 [476] S.S. 1 vs 1 No Winner
4177502 budweiserchevy08 [475] S.S. 1 vs 1 waves1227
4177500 budweiserchevy08 [474] S.S. 1 vs 1 No Winner
4177637 waves1227 [1929] S.S. 1 vs 1 budweiserchevy08
4177636 waves1227 [1928] S.S. 1 vs 1 No Winner
4177635 waves1227 [1927] S.S. 1 vs 1 budweiserchevy08
4177634 waves1227 [1926] S.S. 1 vs 1 yiayiax2
4177632 waves1227 [1925] S.S. 1 vs 1 Bingoland1
4177633 waves1227 [1924] S.S. 1 vs 1 yiayiax2
4177631 waves1227 [1923] S.S. 1 vs 1 ktdrh
Wednesday December 13, 2017
4178661 sir [3138] S.S. 1 vs 1 Bingoland1
4177541 sissy00697 [3420] S.S. 1 vs 1 misspattyfromten
4175819 Bingoland1 [52] S.S. 1 vs 1 waves1227
4175818 Bingoland1 [51] S.S. 1 vs 1 yiayiax2
4175816 Bingoland1 [50] S.S. 1 vs 1 No Winner
4175811 Bingoland1 [49] S.S. 1 vs 1 No Winner
4178823 Kperala935 [2561] S.S. 1 vs 1 bonstosity
4179001 Kperala935 [2560] S.S. 1 vs 1 hotgamesptan887
4177196 hotgamesptan887 [295] S.S. 1 vs 1 No Winner
Tournament Time EST
Now playing at Pogo
League Admins
Kperala935 (Head Admin)
sissy00697 (Co-Ha)
waves1227 (Night admin and Marathon co-ordinator)

The Cool Cats League advocates for a positive, sportsmanlike environment where everyone is respected and heard. Fun, friendly and a drama free gaming experience is what we strive for and deliver while handling the problems in a diplomatic and positive manner. If warranted,the discipline system is enforced and taken seriously.The following are the general league rules everyone including staff must follow:
1. Sportsmanship is mandatory ; no exceptions 
will be made. The HA is very serious about this #1 rule.
2. Respecting each other is mandatory ; any harassment,stalking, rude and belligerent behavior will not be tolerated.
3. Cheating is not tolerated and is an automatic kick from this league.If caught cheating, you are banned from the league. This ruins the nature of why we join leagues and taken seriously.
4. Staff Respect is mandatory; every staff member donates their time and energy and is the foundation to the league. Not answering staff questions, not responding to staff while in a tournament and ignoring staff especially the  
Admins is highly discouraged and will result in discipline if it appears to be a consistent problem.
5. Belligerent and rude behavior in game lobby and on game tables during tour time is not allowed. If you are upset, please private IM an Admin and they will be happy to address the problem. The HA will always follow-up on these kind of issues.
6. This is a family oriented league until 11pm EST.That means we need to keep chat clean and without provocative connotations or language. After 11pm the HA allows a little more adult conversation but will not tolerate any sexual harassment or“taking it too far” behavior.
7. Profanity is prohibited and this also includes name calling. Period. The HA does not allow this and will never allow this.
8.   Recruiting for other leagues is not allowed. Please do not come into our game rooms and talk about other leagues in hopes to recruit your friends to that league. This includes game tables.
9. Please make sure if you win a mix and match badge or album that you let the person giving the badge away with in 72 hours. Thanks​​



1. Tours will start on time; members will be removed 5 min after roll call if not present.

2. Please report your match using the winner/non-winner format  (Ex: KP / Sissy)

3. It is mandatory for all members to answer staff questions. Any member not responding to staff will be removed from the tournament and will be reported to the HA.

4. DQ's are not accepted unless both agree in the match that it is a DQ. Any disputes will be handled by the TD / HTD and their decision is final. (An Admin may override a TD/HTD decision only if they are in the room)

5. Bye rounds are a free win for anyone and you must wait for the next round. In some cases the TD may start the next round within a few minutes to move along the tour. Please do not go too far or you will be considered MIA and taken out when your name is called and you are not back.

6. All members have a  5 min boot timer to get back after a computer freeze or a BRB not in game play.

7. Ladder matches can be played in between tournaments, please do not start a ladder
match or play someone not in tournament play during tours for we will be overlapping tournaments as we grow. Thanks!

The HA has the right to add or amend 
these rules at any given time.​​​​​




Members can only play in 2 tours at a time.No more than that will be allowed.You will be automatically taken out by host if you are in 2 tournaments and sign up for a 3rd. 
At pairings, the first person listed is the table setter unless they have asked opponent (second name) to set the table 
Boot timer is set @ 5 min. This means you have 5 min max to get to table or come back into the room.The timer starts when the host gives the GTG. If you do not make it back or at table or room, you will timeout after 5 min.  Please read the rules regarding sportsmanship and table talk. Please read the rules regarding DQ’s When game is over, BOTH people report to host in lobby the game result following this format: Winner / Non-Winner or tokies EX: 123,456 (please exhibit sportsmanship after report with a gg, ty4pm, etc.​



height: 130px;">

Exhibiting sportsmanship at all times is mandatory,no discussion. When people do not exhibit this,chaos and disputes arise and breakout.This ruins the nature of why people join leagues and the comradely we are trying to set up here in this league while playing in friendly competitive matches. Leaving tables during game play is not allowed and will be considered breaking the sportsmanship rule. Intentional DQ’s are not allowed. Giving wins due to losing is not allowed. Reporting match in lobby before game is over is not allowed. Name calling, abusive behavior, and things related will not be allowed and again does not follow this rule.​​

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