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Mar 28 at 07:12:31 PM There is an known issue with IE10 and the League Module tools where the Module toolbar appears scrambled/skewed. IE 10 users can resolve this on their own by selecting the "Tool" link in their browser menu and selecting the "Compatibility View". Once the 'Compatibility View' option has been selected, reenter the module you wish to work on, click inside the module preview window to activate the editing toolbar.
Dec 04 at 04:24:40 PM There is an known issue with IE11 and the League Module editor where the editor is stripping the entered HTML of some background codes. IE 11 users can resolve this problem themselves by selecting the "Tools" link for their IE browser, it's generally located at the top left area of the window. Once they've selected Tools, they need to select the 'Compatibility View' option, add the following domains, and click close. The page will refresh and may log them out of their Admin menu. Completing these steps will allow them to edit the leagues modules using our editors without part of the code being stripped. The following is a link to a short video showing how to add our domains to "Compatibility View".
Mar 27 at 09:37:30 AM We are currently experiencing technical problems throughout the site as a result of yesterday's server maintenance. Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA on when things will be up and running, but rest assured we are working to resolve the problems as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.
Mar 28 at 05:46:29 PM Forum posts not allowed, error says page cannot be displayed. Tested on paths teamypino and pogodom, both with same result.
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