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  • Mothers Day Event Game Winners View
      by rainbow_star_dreamer on May 17, 2012 at 18:49:18 PDT

    Congrats to irislady7701 first to get 5 of same item earning 200 buxs.
    Congrats to dlmyers100 and irislady7701 first to get all 20 items earning 200 rating points and 200 buxs.
    Congrats to maggy1035 and mouse_feathers_2 also getting all 20 items and earning 200 rating points.
    Congrats to hotrod_117, akirsten26, frag3nal, your_getting_on_my_nerves69, irislady7701, gracie_malone73, gatercountry, dcomo2000, jzimmie99, maggy1035, deereed68, mouse_feathers_2, keylivly, bafinegan, lin_ben1959, dizzierdari, heatherannhowie, and waterman230 winning at least one bounty on Mothers Day. Thanks to our Bounty Moms-bingomom392003, lin_ben1959, wismelak, l3eauty_with_desires, whateva_u_desires, frag3nal, keylivly, witchypoo8, maggy1035, and mistic_moon1.
    177 members played during our Mothers Day Event. Thanks everyone for supporting Foreverspades and our May Event.
    • Re: Mothers Day Event Game Winners View
        by rainbow_star_dreamer on May 18, 2012 at 12:29:34 PDT

      Also Congrats to Lin_ben1959 collecting most items winning 200 buxs and 2nd to maggy1035 collecting 51 winning 100 buxs. Congrats! thanks for playing mothers day game and in Foreverspades tours
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