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      by rainbow_star_dreamer on July 12, 2013 at 08:42:24 PDT

    Thank you to the 103 members playing July 1-9 in our Fireworks Event 2013.
    Mooch9020 collected all the letters to spell "FIREWORKS" plus had 1 free letter and is awarded a Fireworks Mug plus 500 buxs.
    sandyj_777, mouse_feathers_2, and icegator2 came in 2nd missing one letter and is awarded 250 buxs each.
    spirit_red92, muffginter, lin_ben1959, and kick_ass_forever came in 3rd missing 2 letters and is awarded 100 buxs each.
    14 members had BJ during our July 4th Tour and awarded 25 rating points each. 30 members had the 4 of Diamond during July 4th Tour and was awarded 100 buxs each one. 12 members corrected answered our July 4th Trivia being awarded 25 each answer.
    24 members received 200 buxs each during our Seed 4 Bounty on July 4th.
    lin_ben1959 and mooch9020 won the July 4 Tour winning 8000 buxs TDD, 2n place and 4000 buxs went to mompope and allaroundbeast. 3rd and 4th place with 500 buxs each went to ch4rmed, tribezfan, rhargr63857, and twuckerbuddy.
    1st place drawing winner was beanact2ary who chose 1000 buxs prize. 2nd place drawing went to witchypoo8 winning a mug, 3rd place drawing was crazytrucker52 winning a coaster, and 4th place drawing was mooch9020 winning a coaster.
    Thank you to mouse_feathers_2, m_nitzel, and crabby_maggy for helping me gift buxs to all the winners. Thank you witchypoo8 and bingomom392003 helping me with tables during July 4th tour, and a big Thank You to all our members who played helping our July Fireworks Event 2013 lots of fun with lots of winners!
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