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  • Memorial Day Mission Special Winners 2021 View
      by Forevers_Char on June 9, 2021 at 09:51:09 PDT

    Memorial Day Mission Winners
    Early Bird Squadron winners are ru4gigi, txshelly2017, and oswald tied with 5 Most Played Tours with Yogi and summer_dreams tied with 2 Most Tourney Wins.

    Extra Fun Time Platoon Winners are madmadamem with 6 Most Played Tours with Elaine1818 with 2 Most Tourney Wins.

    Odd Quickie Brigade Winners are Elaine1818, madmadamem, and oswald tied with 4 Most Played Tours with madmadamem and oswald tied with 2 Most Tourney Wins.

    Keepsake Mug winners are txshelly2017, ru4gigi, madmadamem, and Elaine1818.

    Keepsake Coasters go to Elaine1818, madmadamem, Yogi, and summer_dreams.

    Oswald won Gold Membership.

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