The Displayed Image shows the Typical Table before bidding. In the Top Right Box it identifies how Table is Set. These settings are made prior to Start of Game. Also featured across the top is the Hand and Score. After hand is awarded to High Bidder the Bid, Meld, Trump and Counters taken are displayed. The required Counters to take is a minimum of 20 or the difference between the bid and meld if more.


To be a member of Good times Pinochle you must be at least 14 years of age as mandated by the Terms of Service. To play you must be a registered member of SAFE HARBOR and of Good Times Pinochle League. Registration and tournament play are FREE.


All of our tournaments are 2x2 Single Elimination (team play). For Single Elimination games you continue play in tour until you have lost a match. As a reward if a team scores a "Coupe" aka "Boston" (capturing all the counters) in a hand they will each receive 1000 Bux. There may be an occasional variation and the participants will be informed by directions on the tour registration page. .


Across the bottom of the table are options available to player. When you press See Meld a dialog will appear showing the least meld in your hand. As shown the Meld for a Trump Suit (Club Run) is not tabulated.


The camera icon next to the See Meld Icon is used to allow kibitzers to see hand. A Kibitzer is identified in the Chat Area and by a pair of eyes over your nickname. The Auto Button allows a bot to play your hand. With the table set DISABLING BOT, the AUTO BUTTON will only play cards !!IT WILL NOT BID HAND!!




a. A player from the first team announced will sit first, followed by the remaining 3 players. !!!!! PLEASE START ONCE ALL ARE SEATED !!!!!

b. Table is to be set as illustrated below
!!!!! THE FINAL ROUND WILL HAVE NO HAND LIMIT !!!!! Our Marathon Day Tours (1st Saturday of the Month), Kings v. Queens, Seniors v. Juniors & Staff v. Members will be adjusted to Winning Score of 250 & 6 Hand Limit. The Tournament of Champions will also be as illustrated below.       


c. The game ends when game score is reached, a team resigns, or after the last hand is played. If both teams reach game score on same hand then the bidding team is determined as the winner. If neither team reaches game score then High Score is winner,  or,  in the case teams are tied then the bidding team wins.


d. We encourage play to final hand before losing team chooses the option to resign.  


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Thursday October 22, 2020
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1355783 TOJA04 [32] S.E. 2 vs 2 solo1059
1355600 shroad52 [1538] S.E. 2 vs 2 granny1117
Wednesday October 21, 2020
1356630 PSmith4703 [1650] S.E. 2 vs 2 TS__harbor
1355089 TOJA04 [31] S.E. 2 vs 2 grandkids1147
1355273 SUNDANCE45 [1588] S.E. 2 vs 2 pappa
1356439 viv1271 [1085] S.E. 2 vs 2 _9Lives
1356581 owlpool [2140] S.E. 2 vs 2 TOJA04
1355452 SusieQ383 [58] S.E. 2 vs 2 scarletfish99
1355599 shroad52 [1537] S.E. 2 vs 2 mrkeith
Tuesday October 20, 2020
1355656 TOJA04 [30] S.E. 2 vs 2 leah4446
1350949 luigi129 [835] S.E. 2 vs 2 turtle042547
1356409 _9Lives [294] S.E. 2 vs 2 Joanandartc
1356374 TOJA04 [29] S.E. 2 vs 2 abbysgram
1356127 FLGOZZY [45] S.E. 2 vs 2 Joanandartc
1355448 SusieQ383 [57] S.E. 2 vs 2 hotrodgma1
1350948 luigi129 [834] S.E. 2 vs 2 gametime_ne1
Monday October 19, 2020
1355447 SusieQ383 [56] S.E. 2 vs 2 hapcat207
1350885 Utohhh111 [725] S.E. 2 vs 2 hotrodgma1
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 1.   You are here to play Pinochle in a Social Setting. Win or Lose, HAVE FUN. Leave the Drama outside. Display Good Sportsmanship at all times and show respect to the full membership and those we share the room with.

 2.   Do not criticize anyone for the way they play nor have discussions of cheating. Acts of disrespect, drama, and cheating are dealt with seriously which may include removal from league.

 3.   If you have a member blocked and are assigned to play them you have the choice to UNBLOCK and Play or the game is forfeited to your opponent.

 4.   There are no registration restrictions on making teams, however, tours will not be held up to allow members to join late teams.  It is strongly recommended you make a team as soon as possible as late teams could be dropped if both members have not joined at tour time.

 5.   Players already registered on AUTO TEAM should not withdraw from tour to even out the AUTO registrants. Our hosts join or withdraw to even up tour.

 6.   Do Not register for a tournament while playing in another.

 7.   Kibitzing (Watchers) must be left on for the Host to access table. Others may Kibitz with the consent of the Host & Players at Table.

 8.   Please do NOT play in other games once all start has been posted. Playing in other games while playing in tour may result in forfeiture.

 9.   Any time a table freezes or the high bidder is unable to select trump the game will restart if on the first hand, otherwise the score will be recorded by the host and game resume with the current hand at a new table. Score should be kept manually and winning team announced at conclusion of game.

 10.   Although we discourage the use of Bots in Tournament Play, we may ask that a Bot be used when a partner is displaced and after exhausting all attempts to secure a Substitute. Tables are normally set to disable bots, meaning remaining players must move to another table, sit at same seat and enable bots in the settings. Game then will continue with the current score and hand played being kept manually.

 11.   We do not allow (2) substitutes sitting and playing for a missing team. A (5) minute timer will be set by the host after allowing a few minutes for one of the team members to sit at the table. If time runs out the match will be awarded to the waiting team.

 12. Should you have a concern please contact an Administrator or Host in privacy.

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