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Now that you're a member of the League, you're probably wondering how to start competing in tournaments. Well, you've come to the right place!

What is a League?

MyLeagues are powered by Case's Ladder, but are managed and maintained by private individuals.

MyLeague offers dozens of statistics, dedicated message forums, live chat, hot/cold streaks, premium membership options, skill ratings, and much more.

League Admins

A MyLeague is owned and managed by the Head Admin. The Head Admin has the final decision for regular operations of the League, determines the rules for their League, and has complete autonomy over how the League is managed. Head Admins may appoint other Admins to assist with managing the League. A list of the League Admins is located on the Home tab.

If you experience problems or have any questions about the League, then you should contact the League Admins by clicking on the "Contact Admins" link located on the Support tab.

Where to Play

The League you joined may offer League matches and/or tournament matches. The matches are played at a gaming site, such as Yahoo or Pogo, and then the results of the matches are posted to the League and your stats on the League are automatically updated.

The gaming site that your League plays at is displayed on the League's Home tab. You will need to create a separate account at the gaming site if you do not already have one.

Typically, gaming sites provide several game rooms for the games at their site, so you will need to find which game is played on the League you joined and which game room the League uses for their matches. This information can usually be found on the League's Home tab, or you can use the Contact Admin link on the Support tab to ask the League Admin(s).


A tournament is a short-term competition with a scheduled beginning and a specific end. When a tournament begins, each player is paired up with an opponent (or more than one opponent, depending on the format of the tournament). Tournaments can be for "LadderStats", in which case the results are reported to the League and stats are automatically updated.

For a complete list of tournaments for your League, visit the Tournament Calendar located on the Tournaments tab. You can access the page for a specific tournament by clicking on the jump number. Once you have selected the tournament you would like to join, the information for that tournament will be listed under the 'Tournament Info' heading.

For more information about tournaments, please visit our list of Common Questions on the Support tab, or contact an Admin on the League.


Just like frequent flyer programs offered by the airlines, our LadderBux program lets you earn a variety of items just for using our service! Earn LadderBux as you play and redeem them for prizes: gift cards, video games, DVDs, PS3s, Xbox 360s, computers, and much more! Please visit to read all about our LadderBux program.

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