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Can I play the same person as much as I want?

This depends on the rules of the particular League you are playing on. Please contact your League's Admin Team for the answer to your question.

I need to post my win. Where do I do this?

You don't! On a MyLeague, only the loser reports the match. When that person reports their loss, your account will be credited with the win.

The person I was playing was cheating. What should I do?

It is very common for new users to think people they are playing against are cheating. This is because the skill level of the top players is often so high it can seem impossible to do some of the things they do. Almost all the time it turns out that the person who thought someone was cheating didn't know certain tricks or strategy that can really help you out. Rather than jump to the conclusion that they are cheating we recommend you simply ask them how they do so well. Most players are happy to give a few pointers. If you really feel someone is cheating, you should report it to the Admin team. They will be able to deal with the matter as they feel appropriate.

The person I was playing disconnected! What should I do?

Policies on this matter vary from League to League. If you are unsure about your League's policy, please contact your Admin team and ask them what to do.

How do I report a loss?

Click on the "Standings" tab on your League's navigation bar at the top of the page. The Report Loss link is located in the sub-menu. Just fill in the blanks and then click on the 'Submit' button. Once the confirmation message comes up, you know you have reported your loss successfully and you are ready to go play another match!

What should I do if someone does not report a match?

If your opponent does not report their loss to you, then you can use the Unreported Match form located on the 'Support' tab.

I get a security error when trying to report a match. Why?

Our software will not allow you to post losses to yourself or to anyone who has used a Case's Ladder or MyLeague account on your computer. If this is detected and you get a "Security Error" message, you will have to contact your Admin Team for help.

I lost a match but I cannot find the member on the League. What should I do?

If you can't find your opponent listed on the League, try using the search utility located at the top of the League's page. Enter your opponent's username on the League, then choose "players" from the drop-down menu and click the "Go" button. You should always note the name of the person you are playing, so that you can make sure to report losses in a timely manner.

How can I find out if someone reported my win?

To see the matches that were posted you can view the "Daily Results" link on the Standings tab. You can use this utility to view the daily match results as well as the "Ladder News" for the past seven days. Premium members can view their match history on the "MyAccount" tab. To become a premium member, visit

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