Mountain Backgammon
I am having problems accessing the gaming site or playing the games. What should I do?

We only provide technical support for our site. If you are having problems with your gaming service (ie. Yahoo!, Pogo, Grab), you should contact their Customer Service department directly to have your questions answered. We also recommend asking other League members for assistance. Most of the members are very happy to help other members when they are having technical problems.

I have a website. Can I include a link to MyLeague or Case's Ladder?

Yes, please do! You can find a full listing of linking images to use at - click on the Link to Us section.

I want to run my own League. Where can I get the software?

Our MyLeague service has been created just for this purpose! Users can run their own MyLeagues for any game of their choice (as long as it is in accordance with the Terms of Use at For more information, please visit

Where do I send suggestions for the League?

You can submit any suggestions you have for the League to your Head Admin. Provided that your idea is compatible with our site, they are the ones who will decide whether or not to implement them. If your idea is not compatible with our site, they also have the ability to suggest your idea to us as a new feature.

Where can I send compliments about your service?

We would love to hear any positive feedback you have for us. Please send it to our Positive Feedback Mailbox at Thanks! :)

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