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Penalty Box
What is the penalty box?

Just like in the game of hockey, the penalty box is a way of taking someone out of the competition for violating the rules. During the period of time a player in the penalty box, that player cannot play in either regular or tournament play.

How do I get out of the penalty box?

Your account will automatically be removed and reactivated for you after your time in the penalty box is expired.

Why did my rank drop while I was in the penalty box?

You cannot report losses or gain wins while you are in the penalty box, but others are still active and playing. Every time someone moves above you in rank, your account will slide down one rung as always.

What does "in the penalty box for three days" mean?

It means that for three days from the time that the player was placed in the penalty box, that player cannot report losses nor can anyone report a loss to that player.

How do I appeal the decision to put my account in the penalty box?

Contact your Admin Team and explain to them why you feel your placement in the penalty box is not justified. The Head Admin of a League has final say on all penalty box decisions.

Can I register another account to play with while I'm in the penalty box?

You are allowed to have only one account on each League at any given time. If you are found to have multiple accounts, then you risk all accounts being removed.

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