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What is a premium membership?

Premium memberships are optional enhancements to your existing League account. By purchasing a premium membership, you help support the League and keep it free for everyone. Our premium membership program offers three levels of membership, including Gold, Platinum, and Diamond (in ascending order of value). Features include a match history, extra LadderBux for a top tournament finish, immunity from being purged from the League for inactivity, and many more! Premium members receive priority support. This means that we always answer mail from premium members FIRST before any others, so you get answers to your questions and problems faster than non-members. Visit to find out more about premium memberships and for a full list of features.

Can I order a premium membership over the telephone?

You may order premium memberships via telephone by contacting our billing office at (360) 419-7165 between 6 AM and 5 PM Pacific time.

Can I purchase a premium membership for a friend?

The person purchasing the membership does not need to be the person participating on the Ladder or League. Many people purchase memberships for friends or have another person pay for the membership. On the page that asks for the player name, enter the user name of the account on which the membership should be activated. On the payment pages, the information entered must be that of the person actually making the purchase. You may also want to view our Gift Membership program that allows you to send a personalized Case's Ladder E-Card with your purchase!

Can I order a premium membership through postal mail?

You can purchase a Gold Membership, Yearly Platinum Membership, Six Month Diamond Membership or a Yearly Diamond Membership using our postal mail option. We can accept a personal check, a check linked to your credit card, or a money order in USD. It usually only takes about 10 business days from the time you mail it for the membership to be activated, depending on where you live. (We are sorry, but we cannot accept monthly payments using the postal mail option.) When sending your order be sure to include your user name and the League or Ladder on which you play! To access the purchasing options and order forms, please visit the "Buy Membership" link located on the sub-menu of the MyAccount tab.

Can I order a premium membership using my credit card?

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. You can order any of our memberships with one of these credit cards via the "Buy Membership" link located on the sub-menu of the MyAccount tab.

Can I order a premium membership using my checking account?

We currently accept online checks from US accounts. (Unfortunately, we are unable to process online checks from outside the United States at this time.) You can order any of our memberships with an online check via the "Buy Membership" link located on the sub-menu of the MyAccount tab.

I purchased a premium membership and I have my receipt. Why doesn't it show on my account?

If you have a receipt with the transaction number for your purchase but do not see the membership on your account, this usually indicates that there was a problem activating the membership. We can activate this membership on your behalf. Please use the Premium Support link located on the sub-menu of the Support tab to provide your purchase information.

I have a monthly subscription. How do I change my billing information?

If you need to change your billing information, please contact our billing office at (360) 419-7165 between 6 AM and 5 PM Pacific Time and we will be able to assist you.

Why isn't my Instant Match Notification working?

You have to turn it on first! If you click on the "My Account" tab inthe top navigation menu, you will see a box on the left side of the page called "My Preferences." From there, you will be able to choose to enable Instant Match Notification.

Can I transfer my Gold membership from one League to another?

Gold members can transfer their Gold Membership to another Case's Ladder or MyLeague using "Gold Membership Transfer" tool. Your Gold Membership can be moved a maximum of once every 90 days. The "Gold Membership Transfer" tool is located in the "My Options" section on the MyAccount tab. You must be logged in to view "My Options". The 'target' is the Ladder or League to which you are transferring the Gold membership. You must already have a non-premium account on that Ladder or League. Enter the path to that Ladder or League in the first field. In the next two fields, enter your user name and password for that Ladder or League. In the last field, enter the reason you wish to move your membership. Click "Transfer Membership". If all is successful you will be provided a link to the new Ladder or League! Your LadderBux will not move with your Gold Membership in a transfer to a new league, as this is a feature reserved for our Platinum and Diamond members. Memberships cannot be transferred to a family member or friend.

I'm a Gold member. Do I get a discount if I upgrade to Platinum or Diamond?

Gold members who wish to upgrade to Platinum membership receive a discount! You can upgrade to a monthly Platinum for just $9.95 per month and avoid the initial $24.95 activation fee. Or, you can upgrade to a yearly Platinum membership for just $89.95! To make your purchase login on the league where you are currently a Gold member and click on "Buy Membership" in the sub-menu on the MyAccount tab to view your purchasing options. At this time there is no price adjustment for a Diamond membership when you are an upgrading Gold Member. The regular cost for a Diamond membership is $19.95 per month. When you cancel a monthly Platinum or Diamond Membership your account will downgrade to Gold for six months at no additional charge to you so your Gold is not lost.

Can I add more Leagues to my premium membership?

A Gold membership is applicable to only one League or Ladder. Platinum members may have up to FIVE Ladders covered by their membership and Diamond members may have up to TEN Ladders. If you are a monthly subscriber, you are allowed to add one Ladder or MyLeague account to your Platinum or Diamond Membership every 30 days. You have 2 accounts available to use the first month and you will be able to add a third account after 60 days, then you can add another account every 30 days. Members who upgrade to a monthly Diamond subscription from a yearly Platinum membership will have immediate access to all ten ladders. If you cancel before your original Platinum year expires, then up to five accounts will revert to Platinum.

How do I add other Leagues to my Platinum or Diamond membership?

When you first join the Platinum or Diamond membership program, only the account that was selected during the online process (or indicated on the mail-in form) are upgraded. This is because we don't know which of your other accounts that you might want to add to your membership. It is necessary for you to "turn on" Platinum or Diamond on your other accounts manually. To add new Leagues, go to a Ladder or League on which you are currently a Platinum or Diamond member. After logging into your account, go to the "MyAccout" tab and then click on "Add League" listed under "My Options". At the top of the "Platinum/Diamond Membership" screen it is indicated how many accounts you are eligible for and how long you must wait to add more. You must be a member on the Ladder or League to which you want to add your Platinum or Diamond Membership, and the E-mail address must match that of your Platinum or Diamond account. This is so we can be sure it is your account. Please note that your user name does not have to match. Please be aware this only applies to accounts which are yours and is intended for people who are participating on several ladders. (You cannot apply your Diamond Membership to accounts of your family or friends.)

Can I add a friend or relative to my Platinum or Diamond membership?

No. A Platinum or Diamond membership is an individual account and may not be shared with friends or family. It is intended for people who are participating on several ladders. A premium membership is individual, and non-transferable.

How do I transfer LadderBux?

In order to transfer your LadderBux go to the MyAccount tab on the Ladder or League of your Platinum or Diamond account from which you wish to transfer the LadderBux from, and then click on the "Move LadderBux" link listed under "My Options". You can only move LadderBux between accounts that are registered to your membership. Once you have entered your "User Editor", then click on "Move LadderBux" and you will have the option to move your LadderBux from one account to another. 100 Bux on each Ladder or League are non-transferable. The transferable amount will be listed beside the name of the Ladder/League. In the white box type the amount you wish to move to that particular league and then click the "Move" button. You will then see "Transfer Successful!" and you're done!

How do I gift LadderBux to another user?

Login to the league and then go to the "My Account" tab. In the submenu (the smaller items immediately below the tabs), you will see "LadderBux". Click on that and about halfway down the page you'll see the facility to use to Gift LadderBux to other users. Enter the user name for the player you wish to gift and then the amount you are gifting to that player. You can include an optional note if you would like. The player will automatically be sent an E-mail notifying them of your gift. The schedule for gifting LadderBux works on a sliding or rolling scale. Seven days after a gift has been given that amount is added back to the 'Total available to Gift' pot. This means the 'Total Available (2000/Platinum 10000/Diamond)' can change on a daily basis depending on the number and actual days since the gifting occurred. Gift 100 LadderBux today and one week from today you can gift 100 LadderBux again! Don.t worry; we keep track of this for you! At the top of the page you will be told how many Bux you have gifted and how many you have available to gift. If you wish to see the exact details of your previous gifts click on .Click here for detailed summary..

How do I gift a Gold membership to another member with my LadderBux?

If you are a Diamond member you can gift a "trial" Gold membership to another user for a two-month period. Gifts can only be given to those who have never had a premium membership of any kind on their account. To gift a Gold membership to another member, login into your account and go to the "MyAccount" tab. If you are a Diamond member, then the option to "Gift Gold Membership" will be listed under "My Options". The 'cost' to you is 15000 LadderBux. You may choose the Ladder or League from the drop-down list or simply enter the path in the applicable field. Enter the name of the to player to whom you are gifting the membership and if you would like, a personal message.

How do I create a User Homepage account?

We offer 5 MB of free web space to our Platinum and Diamond members. You can create a personal homepage or simply use it as a place to store files on the web! To create a User Homepage account or login to your existing User Homepage account, go to the "MyAccount" tab, and if you are a Platinum or Diamond member on the League, then the "User Hompage" option will be listed under "My Options". All the Case's Ladder User Homepages begin with the address of, followed by the account name of your homepage. You can choose any name you wish as long as it's not already taken. Type the account name you would like to have in the applicable field and click "Create Homepage". Once you have created your homepage, the account name will be filled in automatically for you so that you can simply login to the file manager. Inside the file manager you will find an extensive "Help" section to get you started.

Can I disable the ads on the site?

As a Diamond or Platinum Member you have the option to disable most advertisments on our site. The option to turn advertisements on or off is located on the "MyAccount" tab in the "My Preferences" section. You must be logged in to use this feature. (Notes: Most of the site will have ads turned off but some are beyond our control. We also reserve the right to display "premium" sponsorship ads. These are ads that will greatly help the site and enable us to do things like upgrade our servers!)

Can I have a list of each day's tournaments sent to my e-mail address?

Diamond members are entitled to receive an E-mail each day with a list of all the upcoming tournaments on their Ladders or Leagues! By default, the list is turned on for you. However, if you wish to stop the E-mail or if you wish to only receive the list for some of your Leagues or Ladders, you can edit the options. To edit the Tourney Mailing option, click on the "MyAccount" tab and the "Tourney Mailing" link will be listed in the "My Options" tab.

How do I create an e-mail address?

Don't want everyone to know your E-mail address? Platinum and Diamond members are entitled to a free E-mail address. This E-mail address works by forwarding anything sent to your E-mail to your 'real' E-mail account. To create an email address, click on the "MyAccount" tab and the "Email Address" link will be listed in the "My Options" tab. In the first field type the account name you wish to use. It can be your player name but it does not have to be if you wish to use something else. In the second field, enter your real E-mail address, then click "Update Address". It can take up to an hour to activate your new E-mail address. Once you have created the address you can return to the "User Editor" and choose "Change User Information" to change your player E-mail to your E-mail address.

I don't want other people to know which Leagues I belong to, so can I hide this information?

As a Diamond member, by default all of your Leagues or Ladders are visible to others via your Diamond Summary. We respect your privacy and realize you may not want to share this information. To edit the Diamond Summary feature, click on the "MyAccount" tab and the "Diamond Summary" link will be listed in the "My Options" tab. Here you can un-check any Leagues you don't wish to have showing and then click "Update."

How do I remove a League from my Platinum or Diamond membership?

To remove an account from your Platinum or Diamond membership, go to the "My Account" tab and "Remove League" will be listed in the "My Options" section. Simply click the "Remove" button beside the Ladder or League you wish to remove from your membership.

How do I use the priority support I am entitled to as a premium member?

Click the "Premium Support" link located in the sub-menu of the Support tab to submit your support request. Support mail submitted by Diamond members will be answered first, followed by Platinum members, Gold members, and then free members.

I'm not playing much these days. Can I give my premium membership to a friend?

Premium memberships are individual and non-transferable.

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