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What is the MyLeague Referral Program?

The MyLeague Referral Program is a way for you to earn LadderBux just for bringing new members to your League. Whenever a new member signs up for a League, they have the option of entering the username of the player who referred them. If they enter your name, then you'll be eligible to earn LadderBux from them joining the League. After 30 days, if that member is still active on the League, then you will earn 1000 LadderBux! Or, if the member decides to upgrade to a premium membership, then you'll receive your referral LadderBux immediately!

So, if you're sitting in your game room, and see someone who might be interested in joining your League, be sure to say hi to them, and let them know about your League. If you're friendly to them and they end up joining your League, you can earn some LadderBux for it!

When do I get my LadderBux from a referral?

Your LadderBux will be automatically credited to your account 30 days after the user signed up, as long as they have been active within the past 7 days. If the referred user purchases a premium membership, then your LadderBux will be credited to your account within a few hours of their purchase completing.

What do I do if I was supposed to get referral LadderBux, but did not?

If you did not receive your referral LadderBux, please use the "Premium Support" link on your League page to contact our support team with the details of the situation, and they'll be happy to assist you with that.

Can a user change the person who referred them after they sign up?

No. A user can only enter a referral name when they sign up, and they cannot change that name later.

What happens to my referrals if I change my username?

As long as you do not withdraw your account, the system will still be able to award your referral LadderBux to you, even if you have changed your username.

How can I tell if I received my referral LadderBux?

When you are credited the LadderBux for a referral, you will receive a private message notifying you of it.

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