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  • Happy 6th Birthday Euchrethis!!! View
      by xPowerfulx1x on April 1, 2009 at 00:05:46 PDT

    Cheerssssssss Euchrethis,

    When Mymate came to me on Yahoo a couple weeks ago and asked if I could do the main page for your 6th Bday celebration, my first reaction was a smile and then shock. I was honored with her request. It is still weird or unreal that we are all talking and our conversations don't consist of "Fck Off!" or "A complaint is going in." lmao. It's a nice and comfortable feeling knowing that we aren't wasting our energy on hate or grudges that were so petty in the past. At the end of the day, we are all on here for one thing. To play a game we all like and most importantly, have some good laughs and share good times with your online friends/family that you have come to love. With that being said, HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY EUCHRETHIS. That's awesome to have a league around that long, it really is.


    • Re: Happy 6th Birthday Euchrethis!!! View
        by mymate on April 2, 2009 at 14:27:41 PDT

      HAHA Bry..Thought i best reply to this cos ohhh its so true about those F and B words and yeah those damn complaints,was an ongoing thing between both leagues.I still remember the day you came into my lobby and ripped me a new ummmm going back about 3 years ago bringing madam with ya all over 1 member playing in both our leagues,lol.I still look back and laugh about that,but its so good to see its all water under the bridge now.To see each others league supporting special occassions is also great,and i enjoy playing them in your league.For the League pages,what can i say,you know ya do a good job,lol and we appreciate them very much.Thanks to you and your HTDs for coming over and and joining in the party with us,was awesome,cant wait for you all to come back so i can have the pleasure of ZAPPING yas,hehe,Cheerssss and love yas
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