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League Admins
Toothache066 (Head Admin)  
Gamelover053 (Head Admin) ~ (Executive Secretary, Gems Stats, CEO of Idea)  
Rena5526 (Head Admin) ~ (Schedule Coordinator)  
ThePhoenix27 (FOUNDING CO-HA, Trainer for Admins)  
Bcsndr123 (CO-HA)  
Blndnhvnfn (CO-HA) ~ (In Charge Of Slots & Slots Trainer)  
Margueritesoswt1 (CO-HA) ~ (Open Checkins On Weekends)  
Darlgrgs (ADMIN) ~ (Player Advocate)  
Jetta42111 (ADMIN) ~ (Calendar Checker )  
Margaritahour (ADMIN)  
Pittschic (ADMIN)  
Susshann (ADMIN) ~ (Calendar Checker )  
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1 TD Donation (5000)
Bumper Sticker (20000)
1 TD Donation (5000)
Mystery Bag!! (2000200)
1 TD Donation (5000)

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