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League Admins
Toothache066 (Head Admin)  
Gamelover053 (Head Admin) ~ (Executive Secretary, CEO of Ideas, Gem Bank)  
ThePhoenix27 (FOUNDING CO-HA, Trainer for Admins)  
Bcsndr123 (CO-HA) ~ (Open Checkins)  
Margueritesoswt1 (CO-HA) ~ (Help Open Checkins)  
Mostlymonster (CO-HA) ~ (GO TO GUY)  
Cubs44hawks12 (SENIOR ADMIN)  
Mookypoo682 (SENIOR ADMIN)  
TerriMuse9 (SENIOR ADMIN)  
Whynotaskme (SENIOR ADMIN) ~ (Player Advocate)  
Giggles_val (ADMIN)  
Rgbows (ADMIN) ~ (Greeter)  
Susshann (ADMIN) ~ (Calendar Checker )  
Jetta42111 (JUNIOR ADMIN)  
Justadealer2 (JUNIOR ADMIN)  
League Tips
If your friends and family tell you to get some fresh air, you can always take a laptop outdoors.
LadderBux Redemptions
Shoot for the Moon Beaded Bookmark (20000)
1 TD Donation (5000)
Fishing Tackle Box [128-Piece] (7001000)
The Big Book of PAW Patrol (Kindle Edition) (65000)
Ladder Billboard (10000)

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