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      by blondie_4414 on January 31, 2011 at 12:46:02 PST

    All a professional life long victim needs is some soft hearted person or persons to spin their sick sick crap.
    For more years as I then it seems possible we have a had a sicko who whines,emails,ims any and all for attention.
    For 7years this freak of nature has had her sites on me and also about 50 others over the year to harass then run an hide behind someone that thinks they must protect this viper.
    I say this to the protectors leave your admin and post and she will be after you as she is to the rest of us. And lets see how u deal with it.
    YOur not allowed to tell her to stop your not allowed to tell her to go to hell, you enable her to get away with all her bs over and over year after year.
    Most of us iggy her as she spreads her ugly ways as she attacks others as the sneak that she is and we all know it those of us who have had to deal with this bs from her.
    Check your forum only complaints or problems are about her( I will not mention the names but go read them yourselves always about her.
    so in closing who is the problem I never have words only good ones with all other in the lg. Why is it she only has problems with so so many.
    Why I will tell you why she is a menace.
    NO life she tells what she eats for breakfast in lobby so we all have to read it tnothing good always problems in her personal life and in a game site.
    This is a gamae site not DR PHIL's or Oprahs or the Maury SHow but we are pulled down in the dirt defending against this wicked wacko job.
    Stay away from me u saw me write in lobby I never ever say boo to u i iggy your butt but not in time last nite.
    Your nothing to me but a pain in the rear and a joke always laughing at you and I am laughing now your a big big joke.
    You have chased 1/2 the people that belonged to the lg out year after year they flee you.
    SO leave me alone leave us all alone.
    WE got your sick number your 0.
    You think you won a battle but you have lost the war and the war is you your a loser now and then and always.
    And thats a fact.

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