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      by RLStarkIII on December 20, 2022 at 11:17:13 PST

    I played in the 12/09/22 8:00PM tourney when it happened. I attempted to point it out to the TD who proceeded to inform me that cheating was hard to believe. It ended with me being informed that they never bid nil. If they hadn't of bid nil, I would have never brought it up. Before anybody had bid, the last bidder who would bid nil, typed in GLP, which I interpreted to mean that the last bidder was bidding nil, and they were informing the cover of their intention. All the TD needed to do, was to mention that what they said could be construed as TT. Instead they made me feel like I was the guilty person. Since it now appears that TT is allowed. I prefer to play where cheating isn't acceptable. Players shouldn't be allowed to signal to their partners that they are going nil before anybody has bid.
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