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Rules and Policies

Case's Ladder exists to provide it's users a competitive gaming atmosphere as well as a friendly online community. All players are expected to carry themselves as professionals and hold all other members in this community with the utmost respect. When competing in tournaments, refrain from using any offensive language or behavior. Always give Case's Ladder Staff Members the benefit of the doubt and know that their decisions and rulings are not open for debate. In general, and most important of all, be honest and fair in all that you do and have fun while doing so.

General Playing Guidelines

Hardware configuration and reliability is the player's responsibility. If a match is being severely delayed due to a player's bad connection or computer problems, the Tournament Staff reserves the right to disqualify that player. Be sure to test out all of your hardware equipment before the tournament so that you are ready to compete on time.

Obtain a strong understanding of both the game and the platform on which it is played. The players are responsible for familiarizing themselves with both the game being played, as well as the platform on which it is played. If there are any problems or questions regarding the platform (i.e. Yahoo, Pogo, MSN Zone, etc.), they must be settled between the player and the Support System for that platform. Case's Ladder is not responsible for any player's knowledge or lack thereof of the various gaming platforms.

Specific Playing Guidelines

Specific tournament rules will vary for each tournament depending on Ladder, League, or gaming platform. A complete list of rules for each tournament can be viewed by clicking on the 'Rules' link of any tournament page. Contact the hosting Tournament Director for any questions regarding a scheduled tournament.
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