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 Here is our special wish for you that you have a blessed, enjoyable, and stress free

Thanksgiving Holiday Season. 





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We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal members and staff, both past and present,

for helping our league to grow by your participation and support of the tourneys we host.

 All American Spades has now grown to be the largest league in Hardwood Spades. WTG everyone !!

We hope you all are enjoying the tourneys we offer and the good times we all share together

as we play and enjoy the game of spades here in Hardwood Spades.


We're also want to take a step backward  to remember our humble beginnings as the AMERICAN SPADES LEAGLE.

6 years as ASL and now 4 years as AMS.  During these past few years together we've seen many other leagues come

and go but, because of our staff and members loyal support over the years we can proudly say we are the oldest

surviving league here in Hardwood Spades.


We'd like to thank both our previous ASL Staff Members and our loyal ASL League Members for sticking it out

with us through the years both in the good times and in the bad  times.  We especially want to express our sincerest

gratitude to you all for your continued support of ASL these many years as we strive to keep our league a fun,

family friendly, and safe online place to come and enjoy the game of spades and friendly competition.


We are looking forward to spending many more years with our online ASL/AMS Spades Family

here in Hardwood Spades.  


Don't forget to check out the quick link buttons above for our tourney calendar 

and for a few other helpful links.  


Thanks for drop'n by.  Good Luck and Happy Spading Everyone !!






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 James 5:16

...The effectual fervent prayer of a richeous man availeth much .


God Listens.  It's more than a catchy phrase.

Please join our AMS/ASL family as we strive to lift our country

and each other up daily in prayer to God.  We believe in the power of prayer

and that prayer works, so please join us and make your special needs and request known

for you and your family, because we truly believe God listens and that He answers our prayers.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


We still need  everyone of our AMS/ASL family members

to continue to send good thoughts and best wishes to Dalli and Carol. 


 Please, if any of you know of anyone else among our AMS/ASL family members that

we have we missed mentioning, then please let someone on the staff know

so that we can add them to our AMS/ASL family prayer list.


Our league's main goal is to provide a family friendly place where our ASL/AMS online family members

can come to relax, enjoy the game of spades and good, friendly competition together.

We hope you enjoy the time you share with us here in the American Spades League and All American Spades.


If you haven't already joined our ASL/AMS online spades family, we'd like to invite you to join us today

and become one of our loyal online ASL/AMS family members.  We look forward to seeing you at a table soon.

We have a chair reserved and waiting  just for you.  Come on and join us.   Don't be square, we'll see you there.


 We'd like to remind our members that the staff volunteers their time to host tournaments for our AMS/ASL

family members.  It's our pleasure to do so for you and we want everyone to enjoy the time they spend with us at our

tournaments.  However, we expect all our family members and staff to follow our rules and to remember that they are

expected to follow them by keeping all drama out of the lobby. Everyone is expected to treat everyone in the lobby and at

our tables with courtesy and respect at all times when you are in our room. If you have a question or if you're having

a problem or misunderstanding with someone or about something concerning the tourney,

simply ask the hosting TD or another staff member for help. You will be directed to go to a private table

or private instant message where your concerns may be addressed and handled privately. 

So please remember do not voice your opinions about issues or bring drama  into our lobby.

Promoting drama is unfair to everyone and will not be tolerated. It floods the lobby with unnecessary chatter

which only causes the hosting TD problems in handling their tour thus delaying the progress of the tournament

for everyone.  Those who refuse to heed a hosts warning will be silenced.  If you continue to disregard the warnings

of the hosting TD or another staff member then the hosting TD or someone else on our Admin Staff

has the option to box or ban such members who are refusing to abide by our leagues rules and policies.  


Ouer tournaments are getting great turnouts. WTG everyone !!  However, we'd like all of our members

to remember that when it's time to start the tourney, we need you  to be courteous to the hosting

TD by giving them the lobby so they may call and set tables.  Please be ready to set

or join your table as soon as you see the host post it in the lobby.   Players have 3 minutes to set and join tables.  

In pard tourneys after the 3 minute timer has run out you will be subbed out and for single event tourneys

after the 3 minute timer has run out you will be "DQ'd".  Your help concerning this matter will be greatly

appreciated by everyone at the tourney.


(Game formats for morning and afternoon tourneys are

determined by the hosting td and may vary according to their choice)

9:30 AM; 10:30 AM; 11:30 AM; 12:30 PM; 1:30 PM;

2:30 PM; 3:30 PM; 4:30 PM;  and 5:30 PM



6:30 PM; 8:30 PM; 10:30 PM; (always 500/100 reg. format)

12:30 AM; 1:30 AM; and 2:30 AM.


 The last 2 tournaments listed on the pards tournament

schedule at 1:30 AM and 2:30 AM are hosted subject to host availability.



(Evening Singles tournaments are run between the  Evening Pard events)

5:30 PM; 7:30 PM; 9:30 PM and 11:30 PM




Please don't forget to check the tournament calendar daily for the schedule of tours

we are hosting every day.  You can find them simply by clicking on the quick link

Tournament Calendar Button above or by checking the Hardwood Tournament Lobby Post. 

The AMS Hosting Staff volunteers their time to host tournaments the rest of the year therefore,

we want our hosting staff to have the opportunity to spend time with their families and friends

on holidays. That being said, it's possible that no tourneys may have been set by our TD's on those days.


These holidays include: 

New Years Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, 

Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. 

Please check the tournament calendar or the Hardwood Lobby Post

to see if anyone on our hosting staff is available and  has decided to host on the holidays listed above.


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